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    (Original post by Chris_)
    One of the options that I'm currently considering is postgrad MSc in A.I. at Edinburgh. I have chosen it as one of my options for next year and have learnt a lot of it already because, like you, the more I read, the more interested in the subject I become. Not entirely sure what career prospects it would hold though.. Any info in that area?
    I know that the employment prospects are pretty good (better than comp sci according to stat stuff they sent me). Everyone I've spoken to seems to think that AI grads go into similar fields to comp sci grads, its just that thier specialisation allows them to get more interesting jobs. According the blurb that they sent me on the employment for the course, "AI grads are left with a diverse range of employment options". Other than the obvious related jobs, it talks about finance, number crunching and (strangely) the civil service. :confused: I would quite like to do something with systems hardware or architechture though and people I've spoken to seem to feel that AI suits this better than comp sci. Not really sure if thats true though. I think I'm probably just going to pick whichever modules I enjoy the most and continue those forward, with anyluck I'll come out with a degree that'll keep me in work (preferably of the interesting and well paid variety)!!!

    Thanks. The hardware and architecture module that I studied this year was also the one that I enjoyed the most, and consequently the module that I scored most highly in, on both the exam and coursework averages. Seems we have quite similar interests!

    (Original post by Chris_)
    Seems we have quite similar interests!
    This is true!!! For me it's is confirmation that I have actually managed to pick the most suitable degree course. Although I'll probably change my mind mid way through the course when I find that I dislike the areas which I'm currently interested in. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah MIT is cool, its where all the amazing programmers graduated from, I've read a few books where it is talked about very highly.

    AI is also extremely cool, its starting to gain history, like mathematics if you know what I mean, A* algorithms and fuzzy logic, maybe in the future people will have to learn GCSE AI how weird would that be?

    I'm planning to use some basic AI in my A2 computing project next year and hopefully make some good grades with it!
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