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On a scale from from 1 to 10 How religious do you think are the "Islamic Terrorists" watch

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    (Original post by chloe_jeavo)
    Totally unreligious, what God would want us killing each other over the way we choose to live our lives.
    Quite clearly Allah according to their religious books.

    (Original post by Al-farhan)
    It is actually isis and co that cherry pick whatever suits their agenda.
    And you will find the vast majority of their ranks know zilch about the faith except what was fed to them by their organisations.
    They appear to be following the quran almost to the letter, far more so than moderates.

    (Original post by CorpusLuteum)
    Well, the verses that do say to 'kill non-believers' are taken well out of context.
    I'm certain the word of God was written as a piece of literature in order to advance society 1400 years ago which was in a lot of dump. As with the bible and the torah, before these texts people used to worship menial things like fire (in the masses). So following the quran literally, word for word is basically avoiding a large part of your religion and with the advancements we have now-a-days there shouldn't even be such confusion as to whether we should follow word for word or read it like any other book of literature we are made to decipher in school or wherever.
    Following the Quran word for word not only puts you under the spotlight for lack of education (which, education, is a crucial part of our religion), it also dumbs you down to misinterpretation. How can you interpret the quran without good knowledge of the period between 609-632, knowledge of the prophets that existed beforehand and or Prophet Mohammed, knowledge of when each verse was brought down and having at least some understanding of the arabic language 1400 years ago. This arguably should make the muslim nation one of the most educated (in literature and history of the middle-east at least), however the middle east cant even keep its **** together when there isnt any civil wars let alone when there is.
    I don't think there are any possible contexts that could morally justify a lot of things in the quran. If the quran is really the word of allah then how can it even be possible to misinterpret anything and how could it not be taken literally? No one seems to be able to come to a clear consensus on these issues in the muslim world. The quran in the hands of the uneducated is like a chimp with a machine gun and certainly not worth the strife it has caused.
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