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What have you done this Summer holiday so far? Watch


    (Original post by cookie123456789)
    So far I have:
    -Got drunk with the squad at a sleepover after prom
    -Had a disastrous evening with the squad at Nandos http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=4242004
    What have you done so far?
    I learned that the correct term for an imaginary friend is "the squad"

    Nothing, unless sleeping constitutes as an activity?

    (Original post by elen90)
    This is too detailed to be of interest to y'all but I'm gonna stick this here anyway so I can remember what I did this extended holiday. No, seriously, a lot of this won't make sense to you.

    - Ate celebratory end of exams burgers with friends.
    - Then celebratory end of exams cocktails with friend (singular).
    - Got angry over Brexit. Still angry.
    - Obsessed over the Game of Thrones finale.
    - Decided to finally continue reading the ASoIaF series.
    - Finished learning a couple of piano pieces - including Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 3rd Mvt. which took way too long.
    - Frantically picked up last-minute prom things and travel stuffs.
    - Had my eyelashes curled. Yeah, it's a thing, apparently.
    - Final dinner out with the fam before I depart.
    - Saw Derren Brown: Miracle live. That guy does some crazy **** yo.
    - Prom. Enough said.
    - Casually disappeared for three weeks with friends to take advantage of free movement around Europe - but I've already kept a journal for details of the crazy shenanigans there.
    - Survived on my own for a few days upon return because my parents ditched me for Croatia. :nopity:
    - Horribly sunburned chest and back begins to peel like clingfilm (becauseeveryonereallywantedtokn owthat). But the rest of me tanned which is a phenomenon.
    - Preliminary ideas for fantasy book, the brainchild of many long European train journeys, which I'll write at some point in the next fifty years.
    - Celebrated friend's 19th birthday.
    - Started learning Mandarin Chinese again. Spoken, it's alright. Written is another story.
    - Ate lunch out with an old friend who I haven't seen in ages.
    - Watched Grease with grandma!
    - My aunt comes to stay and we go out for lunch with the other, more dementia-y grandma.
    - Visited brother in Cambridge and stayed at his student accommodation which was surprisingly decent.
    - Went to my cousin's wedding and met my first-cousin-once-removed-something for the first time.
    - Family friends gathering thingimabob.
    - Had an interview at M&S. Was offered the job.
    - Job offer then immediately withdrawn when I told them I couldn't work at Christmas. Way to go, you honest moron.
    - Hung out with friends in park and was an awkward witness to a terrible who-cheated-on-who argument. Third wheeling - never again.
    - Watched Star Trek: Beyond in cinema, with a trekkie who ranted about it for hours.
    - Went to some day festival.
    - Started babysitting for a couple of cats.
    - Also did babysitting for real human little people.
    - Got addicted to 'Stranger Things' on Netflix. Like, crack-addict addicted.
    - Took up running again, in some attempt to make myself reasonably fit.
    - Started babysitting for a chicken, a rabbit and a guinea pig. What kind of child-animal menagerie profit-making business am I building here?
    - BBQ with grandma!
    - Golf with grandma!
    - Yay grandma!
    - Getting myself back into reading, a passion I lost around January thanks to A2s. Currently on the Kingkiller Chronicles and I'm slowly regaining my love for it.
    - I've finally cracked this 'making a decent coffee' thing.
    - Generally trying (and failing) to find a job to keep myself occupied this coming year.
    - And in between all this: procrastinated on TSR, Facebook, YouTube, Imgur, Twitter... procrastinated on Netflix, procrastinated playing AC Black Flag, procrastinated by eating (procrastination from getting a job and sorting my life out).
    Wow!! Where did you get the time for all of this??

    (Original post by Workangel_24)
    Wow!! Where did you get the time for all of this??
    My holidays really started on the 23rd of June, so I had the end of June to do some things, then 1st-21st of July was spent interrailing, and after that I've just been doing my best to keep myself occupied It looks like a lot but isn't that much when I consider that the vast majority of my time has been spent on the computer since I've got back. Today I've done absolutely nothing except write a few paragraphs for the 'book' haha.
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