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Need help please, I've quit my job to pursue a career as a solicitor. I am yet to complete my GDL course application as I am nervous that I haven't been able to secure a training contract yet.
I wanted to find a company that would also sponsor my LPC. Is there anyway around this? 10K is alot of money if I can't do anything with the diploma after to the extent that its just a useless piece of paper!
I'm stressing out so much! So many people have given me so much conflicting advise, some advise not to do the GDL and get a job whilst applying for firms to fund both the GDL and LPC? I also really struggle with the psychometric tests, so can anyone thing of any other way that I could do this?
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There isn't really another way of doing it as such. You have listed the options - self fund the GDL/LPC prior to getting a TC or waiting to secure a TC with a firm who will sponsor your courses first.

Not all firms use psychometric testing so you could apply to firms that don't. Or you could spend time practicing those type of assessments. You can improve your scores in them but it takes dedication (like brain training really).

My advice is to only step into either the GDL or LPC as a self funder if you are 100% sure you want a career as a lawyer. Any doubts, no matter how minor and you should wait. You should also do an assessment of what your CV says about you to date. Do you have the type of profile/skills expected of a lawyer? Do your experiences to date reflect this.

Many people self fund the GDL without either or both of these. They are far less likely to get a TC and to be able to compete with candidates they are going to have to work hard to catch up.

An alternative route is CILEx. This will be cheaper but if you are looking for a career in a large/international/elite firm, they won't take you on in the capacity.

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