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    (Original post by Amefish)
    "If you see someone without a smile, give 'em yours"
    I like this, although give implies you have to give up your smile for them (trading your happiness for their unhappiness). I think

    "If you see someone without a smile, share yours with them"

    or something similar is more appropriate.

    My secondary school is very divided and has been like this for as long as I could remember. Many of the people that went to my school only socialized with the people from the same ethnicity as them. To make things worse the school was divided into two groups (one was cla whilst the other was ptn), the students from each group were never in the same classes; as a result, not everybody knew each other. I was popular at my school and was part of the basketball & football team. I knew a lot of people from the group I was in (cla) but only a handful from the ptn. However, when it came to year 11, the new head teacher insisted that both groups where to mix and this is when I met this boy (let’s call him z). There was so much chaos and confusion on the first day of year 11. I was worried that I might not recognize anyone from my new class. Once I stepped into the class my worries were put to rest as I knew 1 to 2 boys. The form tutor was a previous math’s teacher of mine and he started off organizing a permanent seating plan. I asked him if it was possible for me to sit next to my friend. He refused and told me to sit next to “Z”. At first it was very quiet which made it awkward. I tried my best to make small talk with him in hope that it would be less awkward between the both of us. However, he always restrained the conversation and that is when I realized that he was a very closed and socially awkward. This was very funny because he was very attractive and popular with the girls. We carried on talking for the next few weeks (always in class but never outside), until one day I asked him whether I could meet his friends. He was totally cool with it and on the same day he introduced me to them. I couldn’t help but notice that he was very quiet when around them and had no input to what was happening but at the same time he enjoyed their presence. To me “Z” was like a mystery, I have never met someone like him. He was very smart, attractive, funny at times and friendly. But at the same time he wasn’t confident around people, quiet and very distant. I started talking to “Z” more often and started chilling with him. I never liked his friends but it was a small price to pay if it meant being around “Z”.

    Around December we received our mock grades and my grades were poor. I got a lot of C’s but I was targeted at B/A. “Z” on the other hand got a lot of A’s and a couple A*’s. He requested that I study with him so that I can start meeting my targets. We studied at least 2-3 hours every day for our GCSE’s. We went library, sometimes skyped and other times he came around my house. We worked extremely hard and when it came to our GCSE’s we were confident that we did good (but I think I messed up on my english lang nvm that tho). At the time we were studying we bonded and he wasn’t the socially awkward “Z” I first met on my first day of school anymore. He would have a saying in nearly everything and was outgoing whenever it was just me and him. We would watch the same tv show or movie and discuss about it afterwards. He was into anime and recommended that I watch some (naruto, fairy tale, hajime no ippo, kuroko no basket).

    After we finished our GCSE’s, “Z” and I became close friends. I couldn’t stop thinking about how throughout the whole of year 11, I never introduced “Z” to my friends. As a result, I asked him to tag along with me to a football event. He refused at first and told me that he found them intimidating but after a lot of convincing he was perfectly okay with the idea. When we arrived at the place I introduced him to my friends and he got a long with them just fine. They were very fond of him and asked me to bring him a long with me next time. Just before we left “Z” thanked me and told me that he was grateful to have met my friends. Ever since that day me and “Z” were tight – we did everything together.

    My older brother and mum raised me up to not show any signs of weakness. There had high expectations of me ever since I was a child (my mum wants me to be a doctor whereas my brother wants me to become a professional footballer). Whenever I am around “Z” i feel like myself (like I’m not trying to impress anyone). I also feel as if I could get angry, sad or happy in front of "Z" and it wouldn't change the way he thinks of me. I smile and laugh so much that I can’t control it and my cheeks start to hurt.

    Basically my advice is simply to find someone who makes you feel happy and brings out the best in you.
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