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How can I get my 8 ear old daughter to wear clothes in the house? Watch


    she'll grow out of it

    but if it bothers you just punish her for it? take a game/toy she likes, send her to her room/other boring place, make her do chores etc - she's 8 years old

    Just punish her. After all it shouldn't be a problem for her to put on a skirt/shorts and a clean shirt that she didn't sleep in.

    It's important that you're consistent though. You need to state the rules and what the exact punishment will be for breaking them. Don't let her rule you, currently you're begging her to at least put on pyjama bottoms. That can't be the case, you need to clearly state that pyjamas are only to be used at night.

    Don't punish her immediately though, give her a warning first so she has a chance to change her behaviour and clothes. If she ignores the warning then you punish her.

    Copy the supernanny method of using the naughty corner. even if it takes you 10000 tries you keep pulling them back to the naughty corner until they finally realise that they need to listen. in the same way tell your child she has to wear clothes and put them on her. she'll scream and cry and keep taking them off but you continue to put them on her until she finally realises that she won't be able to get out of it.
    Don't ask, don't yell, don't fight with her. Stay stern and make sure she gets the message

    (Original post by sophie foster)
    okay this sounds very weird, I am a 30 year mom, I have a 8 year old cdaughter and I am having a lot of trouble with her wearing clothes around the house. She seems to be at the moment intent on wearing only a tee shirt and her knickers which she wears to bed only the, tee shirt is a pj shirt. I know it is the summer months but that is no excuse, I keep asking her to put on some troussers even if they are her pjs, she will not listen to me, she even does it when people come to visit the house, like the other day I had a tv man in and he kept laughing, I cannot literally force her and put them on for her can I, I not sure if this is thye right place to be posting this on, but could someone please offer me some help. how can I make her not walk rounmd in her underwear
    Show her a picture of girls her age wearing trousers and cute clothes, might inspire her

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    Ground her, no dinner, no sweeties, no friends, no anything until she does as her bloody told.
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