Do men like women with orange faces? Watch

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(Original post by Clubber Lang)
The question is, do they KNOW they have been Tango'd or are they oblivious to it.
I honestly think they look in the mirror and think..."Mmm, nice healthy glow".

I also wonder if girls who go around with muffin tops are aware that their jeans are two sizes too small, or if they think they're meant to feel that tight
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(Original post by pinkchampers)
I wonder if any orange faced girls read this thread, and have now seen the error of thier ways.:p:
I doubt it! No girls think to themselves, 'hmm I think i'm gonna look like an oompa loompa today', they just think, 'hmmm i'm gonna put a teensy bit of fake tan on to make it look like i've been on holiday.' As libby said, they probably see someone with a nice healthy glow starring back at them in the mirror, rather than an orange on a body.

The vast majority of orange girls don't realise how bad they look, otherwise they would have changed it!

It's a shame really, because one of my boy mates was going on about how good looking a girl in our year is, when she has evidently been tangoed at some point in her life. She must have to scrape all her makeup off with a chisel.

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