I just voted for Owen Smith in the Lab leadership election


    (Original post by SaucissonSecCy)
    No. We either need new parties, so the Blairite should join the Lib Dems and make something new, or make a new party, or a break from the past. Owen Smith is neither.

    It hinges on the EU situation. It could be dead by 2017. We have the Italian referendum which could lead to them leaving the Euro, then the French elections., with Le Pen promising a referendum. Then we could have all trade arrangements made or begun, and the public could be open to a radical candidate who is wanting to tackle inequality and look to our own affairs and workforce.
    You said no and then explained exactly what i said? A new party or a break from the past from within labour is the same as a cull and starting a fresh

    (Original post by Betelgeuse-)
    You said no and then explained exactly what i said? A new party or a break from the past from within labour is the same as a cull and starting a fresh
    But Corbyn is a break from the past. And if the EU is dead and Brexit secured, people are ready for an economic paradigm shift. If I could just stop him with the electoral dodginess of getting rid of trident, if he changed that nearer the time.. don't care what the media and Blairites do, they will have to give up eventually.

    Argh, just looking online I hate him. He'll keep us in the EU, negotiate with ISIS round the table. This is the vote winner is it, the antidote to 'electoral poison'? The candidate of the futurists!?

    Once again- what do you think all those Brexit votes in the North and outside Metropolitan Britain are, Labour- they are you former and potential voters..DUH

    That is electoral poison.

    “Make party conference sovereign to make sure there won't be backsliding on the radical things I've promised,” Mr Smith said. “49 per cent of the people of this country didn't vote to leave the European Union. If we can win 49 per cent of the vote, we’ll be laughing.”

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Updated: August 24, 2016
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