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    (Original post by Convex)
    You have weights in your bedroom?
    you dont need weights to do squats, body weight squats are pretty effective.
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    (Original post by Natalierm2707)
    So what kind of weight training (and what kind of weights) do you reccomend me doing at home, I am willing to invest in the weights because for me the 30/40 minute walk to the gym will mean I never go with my busy schedule.
    If you have a spare ground floor room...
    (If not, you'd be ok for a bit but really you'd have to find a space which is solid underfoot. Ideally, with matting down)

    I'd invest in a barbell. Just a normal one would do for now, so 1" thick (important for buying weights to go on it. Olympic barbells are 2" thick so self-explanatory)

    And you can buy more weight as you go but say 60kg worth would be enough for now.

    Buy 'York' DBs, come with just shy of 20kg (10 for each) of weight.

    Can buy 4 x 5kg disks online and suddenly you have two 20s.

    That handle is 1" so the weight for the barbell can go on the dumbbells. (Saves money and space innit)

    So buy like 2 x 10kg weights and 4 x 5kg. A barbell. The york DBs.

    That will do you for a good while (year or more of training as you're female so will not progress as quickly as a male) Just buy more weight online when it is insufficient.

    Learn to deadlift and variations so like stiff leg deadlifts. That will strengthen Quads and the latter hamstrings.

    Goblet Squat (google) with a DB.

    DBs can be used to work most things really. Do whatever you want really.

    Keep 8-12 reps, 3 sets or so. Try and make progress.

    Eat at maintenance, should see gains.

    Gym is ideal. Ideally you'd want an Olympic bar, a Squat rack, bench etc.

    I'm suggesting a way that:

    A) You can afford (or quickly chip away at and get yourself started)
    B) Will get you into lifting and fitness.
    C) Will actually 'tone' you up/actually achieve things

    Just a suggestion, up to you.

    Feel free to PM if have more questions.

    I do use my uni gym but plan is to have a home gym in the coming years.
    If i were in your position, that's what i'd do.
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    (Original post by Smack)
    If it's running that you want to do, and you're willing to run outside on a cold November evening, then it is a bit unnecessary to pay for a gym membership.

    But if you want to use weights equipment then gyms (generally!) are much superior in that regard.
    Thats the issue, I am very very willing to run in the cold, I have to walk to and from lectures and classes in the cold everyday and it doesnt bother me as long as I wrap up.
    The weights bit is the thing thats getting me, but I know if I spend £165 and just end up running outside I will be very very annoyed that I wasted the money just to visit once a week for the weights (its to far to go often). I am not looking to get crazy into the gym, just want to get some good cardio in and lose the excess fat I have.

    I hated the uni gym and going to the same place every day to workout... it just got dull and boring. Now I go to pay as u gym and I'm loving it because you don't need to pay a membership and you can literally just pay as you go and also it doesn´t get boring because I switch gyms regularly.
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