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My crush makes me sick, literally :( watch

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Hmmm, this seems fairly odd, however, I have delved into the texts of magic and I believe what you are experiencing is a section of the dark arts known as dark charm, more specifically, the spell nauseascious is responsible for this.

    What is happening is someone (perhaps him?) has cast this spell upon you to the point whereby you become fixated and sick just thinking about this individual. These spells are casted for all various different reasons, but their primarily there to to ensure you avoid the presence of the individual afflicted by it (if they're sick when they think of you, they're literally dying when they're beside you).

    Now, not to worry. You might be thinking oh no, I'm cursed. Well luckily you're talking to a master of the magical arts studentroom member who can aid you in this matter. All you need is obtain a wand (preferably one made with dragon heartstring (makes the spell easier) and point the wand to your head. Then mutter the words avada kedavra.

    Or you can just ask him out...
    You really had to go anon for that?
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    You really had to go anon for that?
    Good question my dear, I was actually additionally adding a statement as to why I went anonymous.

    To be truthfully honest, someone who shall not be named is after me and quite frankly revealing the magic and powers I posses could be potentially dangerous for me and everyone here. It is best for all of us if I remain that way.

    If you don't want to ask him out, then you probably don't want him that badly. Anyway, no relationship is going to work if you cant express your feelings to him. Either grow a pair, stop feeling sorry for yourself and just do it or stop talking to him if you can't handle it...
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