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Call of Duty Infinity or Battlefield 1? Which to buy?


    (Original post by Desi_Scotsman)
    The debate isn't whether i'm interested in IW or not.

    I need to know whether I should go for the remastered or BF1. Simply, becuase the remastered is expensive due to the addition of IW, whilst, BF1 is quite new with regards to EA developers ( which might be a risk), I honestly, don't know.
    You're either new to gaming and don't know what you're talking about, or you were hoping to start an argument between CoD and BF fans. DICE are the guys who are developing Battlefield 1, and they are arguably the best 1st person shooter developers out there.
    This year, Infinity Ward (makers of the modern warfare trilogy) are making Infinite Warfare, but they lost a lot of devs a while back, who have since went on to create a game called titanfall and its sequal titanfall 2.
    Do the sensible thing and get BF1, then wait for modern warfare as a standalone purchase ffs.

    (Original post by Desi_Scotsman)
    I think, I've made it quite clear that I'm only concerned with the remastered and BF1, NOT IW.

    And why should this thread end, when its perfectly a popular topic for gaming enthusiasts.
    Option one: Pay £70 to play Modern Warfare on the PS4
    Option two: Pay £10 to play Modern Warfare on your PC

    This is why we are confused you're asking the question in the first place... Take that £60 and buy BF1 as well. Which is what Jammy suggested in the first post!

    To be honest with you BF1 is looking more appealing atm. I've played COD for a number of years now and the franchise seems to be slowly declining with the introduction of the futuristic elements. Tbh I would recommend not buying Infinite Warfare for a while, at least until it's been out for a bit and you've got conclusive reviews from a lot of people. I made a video on why it's likely to not be a great game a week ago, feel free to take a look:
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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