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Is religion declining in Britain?


    (Original post by Mathemagicien)
    It is blasphemy to make depictions of Our Lord! :mob:
    I apologise, please do not boil me in a marmite full of tomato sauce. :cry2:

    Can't be bothered to read through the thread, but if any statistics have been posted then let me know.

    Everything has been declining here lately

    Declined significantly since the 60s and not by accident either, the international elite are deliberately dismantling religion, nation and state in western countries in favour of international capitalism. I think Britain was far better before the 60s, especially so when weekly church attendance was the norm. Essentially the good thing about making worship the centre of society is that is a natural arbiter of morality, decency and welfare. Far better that system than the centralised welfare benefits we currently have which reward all manner of depravity and sloppiness and which wastes gazillions.
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Updated: October 21, 2016
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