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Feeling pretty *****y about being unattractive, awkward and unable to hold a conversa Watch


    (Original post by fatima1998)
    :lol: well i didn't weigh his hands but when he hits me, it seems like it his hands weigh sooooo much :bawling: and my hit is nothing compare to him :cry2:
    you are a good lad :yep:
    Oh, it's prolly his bones then coz skinny people, when they hit you, it hurts more

    Thanks You are a good girl/woman :yep:
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    (Original post by aw147)
    from a girls point of view, in the end we really do not care about looks. yes.. appearance is what attracts us at first but if that guy ends up with an ugly personality, they immediately become unappealing to us. From just your message i can tell that you are a decent enough guy that just lacks confidence in yourself and that is totally fine. Confidence is not something that is easily achieved. We gradually build it up through socializing with others and learning to love yourself, but we can also knock it down with our somewhat negative thoughts of 'what others might think of me'. I guess that is why you are unable to interact with your crush as youve liked her for 5 years, you are building up this anxiety of how she might perceive you as her opinion of you obviously matters a whole lot! try using 'what if tomorrow is your last day'?
    and plus girls actually like 'geeks'. they are so nice, knows how to treat girls, does not take them for granted. what is there not to like!?
    this was probably not helpful at all
    No it was very encouraging, thank you : )
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    (Original post by Anonymous)

    I'm going to try and put this into words as best as I can, I really appreciate any+all help.

    I've been feeling miserable for years now, simply because of the above things. The one girl I've ever liked, and have liked for 5 years, won't even look at me now because I'm just really awkward and look really geeky. The one time I managed to talk to her I couldn't think of a single thing to say; I sat there for several minutes without saying a thing (which was obviously extremely awkward and I've not spoken to her since, as I said she won't even look at me now).

    This isn't just an "awkward around crush" type thing though, while I've been getting steadily more confident around most people, I tend to really struggle to think of anything to say, I've tried to take an interest in current issues etc. but I feel even worse if I just have a conversation which is me spouting stuff I heard on the news.

    Any advice? This is starting to get really, really miserable for me...
    Bump, i've been trying to improve on this but it just seems to be getting worse and I feel lonelier than ever, I don't want to complete shut myself in but I'm starting to feel like that's the only option.

    Fake it till you make it. I've lost 40lbs but still feel like the fat girl and people still view me as that, so I isolate myself and whenever I get any male attention I immediately think its for sympathy and the barriers go up.
    Only recently have I began realising my body is pretty rad and guys are just as nervous as I am around them tbh (phuckboy or not- being turned down must get to you somehow?) so yAH you gotta get in the habit of saying you're a smart af person and love your own company. I don't necessarily love myself but I love my eyes and hair and being alone so I know if in the future I end up alone I'll be okay because I've been here before. Keep going buddie

    Tiny bit of story:

    When I was 16, I was working part-time as a waiter. I had pretty long hair and a weird face (I still have the face but not as long hair). I was serving some guys from my high school when an old man who wanted to order called me "miss" to get my attention. I replied "one moment please", he realised I wasn't a girl and apologised but the damage was already done. From that moment on, I was known as Silvia in my school. That was what many guys would call me even my friends. Silvia, man! I dislike that name even to this day (I'm in my 20s now)

    And yet, I managed not to shoot myself in the face and have a social life and a gf (who went to the same school as me).

    What are the problems people in here have? basically none, just being socially inept. Go out there and talk to girls like you'd talk to anyone else. They're just girls, not ethereal beings. If the guy with the nickname "Silvia" could get the girl, I'm willing to bet you can. Why so much self-pity??? it's annoying AF, you don't have to fight against anything.
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