18 to 21 year olds, is 28 years old too old to live in halls?


    (Original post by BillMurray)
    Hi there,

    I have been to uni before, but it was my backup choice and I didn't get the chance to stay in a proper hall. I graduated at the age of 25 with a BA . Now I am going back to do a masters but I have opted to stay in halls, I'm 28 years old.

    I chose halls because it was a little cheaper and I want to be part of the social experience that comes with living in halls and I am really worried that 28 is simply too old for that.

    Is it? I feel that if the second oldest person on my floor is no older than 21, then I'm just going to be viewed as the creepy older guy that no one wants to socialise with.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Probably a bit old for halls but private student houses is fine

    I was a Student in the early nineties, when I was only 21. One of my friends, who was also in Halls, was in his Forties. Everybody got on well with him, although we were being joked about. I am a Student again now, that I am in my forties, but some of the young students are now asking for my advice. For instance working is just like being a student, only you are paid for it, and you do not want to go unemployed, because you are paid more, for doing less work, when you are working, than when you are unemployed.

    The only problem that I have, is that I am now older than most of the tutors, but my computer knowledge is prehistoric. I know more of a number of subjects than they do, for example, which books to look in, but things like computers, I am not good with.

    I lived in two different halls from age 22 to 24. I didn't really find my age a problem, as I look young for my age anyway and was up for partying. But I personally found both halls disappointingly boring for the social life, and kinda wish I'd saved money and stayed in a normal house or flat instead. But that's just my experience.

    28 is a bit old to live in halls with students 10 years younger. You will have very little in common with them and will be known as the old guy.
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Updated: September 22, 2016
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