My thoughts on brexit- anyone agree?


    (Original post by Pars12)
    This is predictive economics. Sounds good, doesn't work.

    e.g. Monetarism under Thatcher

    -lame ducks to the wall
    -smaller, stronger manufacturing base remains
    -exports rise
    -They pay tax - government richer - better education/NHS etc.

    ... didn't happen
    fair enough

    (Original post by Pars12)
    I can see you've really got the hang of this debating thing.
    There's nothing to debate here. You need to get your facts straight if you want a debate.

    (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)
    Agree except for the decrease immigration part. I think problems people face leading them to want reduced immigration can be fixed or nullified in other ways (or the problems have nothing to do with immigration).
    Few things annoy me more than when hard line right wingers suddenly pretend to care so much about our NHS and public services when it comes to immigration.

    With the finance and service sectors covering near to 80% (according to some papers and independent studies) of the UK economy, I was pretty shocked to find out a lot of people were voting for a Brexit.

    Immigration while sucky if not controlled can be manipulated to do good in the right hands. I guess we'll never get to see that now.

    Also, a lot of people voted "OUT" because they felt that the EU and UK was abandoning them even though they had chances to better themselves.

    All in all, UK is a business first and a country second, that goes for all countries. If Britain leaves the EU and defaults, there's no wasting time, other countries will be looking to replace it.

    Biggest problem with referendums and feeling like you live in a direct democracy is that it makes you feel like you are entitled to vote on something and that you know a lot about that something.

    Obviously though the intricacies of the EU are too difficult to fathom for normal citizens to understand, including myself. The problem is people just aren't humble enough - not willing to admit that they don't understand something. Britain is fast becoming delusional in this respect.

    It is my view that once you accept the idea of being very ignorant to the world around you, only then do you begin to engage with politics properly. That engagement is key because it allows you to at least make a decision with say 60% accuracy as opposed to near zero. Since this is probably impossible to achieve however, I would heavily advise against referendums. They've become a tool for political power now - Theresa May is not interested in discussing the terms of exit even though we have parliament and that screams to me of wanting power in the next election to appease Brexiteers as opposed to actually enquiring as to whether we are better off leaving or not despite what 'the people' voted for.
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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