It's not fair!!!


    (Original post by Ashley Crystal)
    Its not about whether I'm needed or not.
    Yes it is... If you aren't needed somewhere, they'll put you elsewhere. Businesses don't want to be paying you for nothing.

    They literally singled me out to be the one working in the back.
    Again, in what way were you singled out?

    In fact they needed someone to quickly serve at fast track and I wasnt able to.
    From what I'm aware of, fast track doesn't get used nearly as much as regular tills. It's not uncommon to have the fast track tills unmanned. Given how often they're used, whoever would be manning that till would spend a good portion of their day working the collection point rather than the fast track desk.

    Youre acting like you spoke to the manager yourself.
    It's basic business/management knowledge. Why would you be put somewhere you're not needed? You wouldn't. Why would you be put in the back rather than the front? Because they don't need people up at the front.

    They said they decided that i'd be the one working in the back and she never once said anything about there not being enough space for me at the tills.
    Sometimes the answer lies within what isn't said. Again, if they needed more people up front, you would be up front. Just because you're not told there isn't space, it doesn't mean there is space.

    Theres always at least one empty space for someone to be at the till but its like they just want to hide me in the back for God knows what reason.
    Empty space doesn't mean it makes sense to put someone there. The business doesn't want to be paying people to stand around doing nothing because they've got more people on the tills than they need.
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Updated: September 28, 2016
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