What are the benefits of taking in refugees?


    Cheap labour maybe?

    (Original post by thickleftard)
    Picture, for one moment, the situation that Italy and Greece (the two main countries that these immigrants landed in) if Germany hadn't opened its borders. They would be suffering the full weight of the problems they cause, both the problems caused by mass movement of people and also the various but scarce problems associated with extremism. The burden has been spread across Europe, which means that these two economies are less likely to struggle.

    Also, saving lives.
    Neither Italy or Greece are under obligation to keep those people. They should have been immediately deported.

    As Nulli once said, what we see now is a hunger games scenario where they risk death to get to Greece and Italy but are then rewarded.

    (Original post by Epistemolog y)
    They improve the economy or so I have heard
    A larger labour force increases output however in the UK anybody earning less than about £20k is actually a net cost to the state anyway (health, education ect..) and these people being so deprived and uneducated are unlikely to be doing anything but menial labour.
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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