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I had 0 friends, and no one to hang out with at school during breaks. Watch

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    (Original post by Spock's Socks)
    Yeah I went through something similar for a little while at secondary school when I had to move classes due to being bullied. Everyone took the bullies side and shunned me so for months I was hanging about alone in the library or would walk home at lunch since I lived 5 mins away. I was very quiet and people deemed me as weird and I was off a lot due to my health so there were a lot of rumours going around about what was wrong with me and that only put people further off me. It was a very lonely time but compared to the 'friends' I lost who turned out to be bullies, being on my own was better. I still had friends outside of school but they sadly didn't go to the same school as me. I thankfully made some new school friends eventually but the alone time did suck, especially as I was still raw from the bullying but that was about 12 years ago now so its all water under the bridge now.
    Im in the same situation I used to be in a group that didnt like me much because we didnt have the same interests and I was really quiet and also had 'friends' who bullied me without my realisation. I eventually left them and now spend time on my own in the reading room. After leaving the group, I began to realise my grades improving because I was able to work hard without people asking me why I was learning (my old friendship group hated it when I was revising constantly). However, I've started to get tired of feeling lonely among the Year 7's in the reading room (I'm in Year11 now). How did you make the new friends as I'm currently struggling and I think people are so used to me being quiet. I participate in class, smile a lot, and talk to the people around me. I'm scared of asking if I can hang out with someone cuz I'm afraid of falling in bad company. How did you know if those people will be true friends who like you for who you are?
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    (Original post by Abstract_Prism)
    OP, are you me?

    I'm in Year 13 now. I haven't done anything with anyone from sixth form outside of school ever, not once. Every lunch I sit on my own, on a table all on my own. There's this one guy I sit with occasionally when we both see each other, but that's probably once a week and we don't talk outside of sixth form.

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    I am 95% Tomoko.
    I'm in the same situation but I don't want to sit on a table on my own cuz I don't want people to see me and laugh at me. My parents wanted me to try it and I did and people stared at me and laughed at me for being all alone. I really don't want to go back to my old friendship group because they were mean to me and made nasty comments about my physical features always asking when I was going to get braces and stuff like that. I got tired of them and left them cuz they made me feel inferior and that I depended on them. I'm currently in year 11 and have been on my own since Year 10. I'm trying to find someone with similar interests and goals as me but I cant find any academic person (I'm interested in academics, books and succeeding in life). Do you think I will eventually find someone with similar interests as me who will accept me for who I am?
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    (Original post by Rocketship)
    This is literally me. I'm up this late because I couldn't stop thinking about my friend situation. I have friends (although I don't have a 'best' friend or a really close friend I can confide in about everything) but I don't have a 'squad' so I don't really have anyone to sit with at lunch - it's making me dread school tbh. My friends all have their own squads and I feel awkward being a hanger on and eating lunch with one of my friend's squads so I usually just spend most of my time in the computer room or something :-/ Most of the time I sit with a few people but having to search for people to sit with gives me anxiety and makes me dread lunch
    When you say 'search' do you mean asking people randomly if you can hang out with them? I also spend all my breaks and lunch in the reading room revising but I will now like to sit with people but don't know how to approach them and if they would be nice people. I also don't have a 'squad' and dread having to go to school
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