Next England manager?

  • View Poll Results: Who will be the next permanent England boss?
    Gareth Southgate
    Steve Bruce
    Glenn Hoddle
    Eddie Howe
    Alan Pardew
    Arsene Wenger
    Someone else


    (Original post by ozzyoscy)
    Frightening that I haven't seen or heard any mention of Bielsa, but countless mentions of Shearer, Neville, Hoddle etc.

    If the F.A. were still interested, they would've contacted him again by now. More likely Villa came in first and he had no England offer.
    Yeah, I don't know how you jumped to the conclusion that the guy who relegated Hull was a dead cert

    Wait a minute, you bumped this week-old topic to say that... Do you memorise posts on here?... Just sounds a little insecure that's all...
    Yes and No

    (Original post by Diego Costa)
    Yeah, I don't know how you jumped to the conclusion that the guy who relegated Hull was a dead cert
    Ah you must not've been following. Bruce was one of the two interviewed for the job along with Allardyce. Plus at time of writing he had resigned, so no compensation required.

    'Relegating Hull' is hardly a shock outcome and leaves out everything else he did, which was all positive (a mindblowing understatement). I suspect you know this full well though and you're just being creepy and obsessive so this'll be the last I'll say and read from you on the matter.
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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