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Hungarian migrant quota referendum, 2016 Watch


    What I find hilarious about some of the comments on this thread is the outrage that Hungary should control ts own borders and the almost hysterical insistence that it should be punished for deciding it will do so.

    Are these posters true believers in the European Union or something?

    If so, what exactly do you guys believe in?

    The voting populace don't seem to share your rabid enthusiasm for totalitarian dictatorship from the unelected centre, nor your love of forcible migration. What exactly do you know that the people of Europe don't?

    And do you think your point of view will prevail against this rising, palpable, rage at the stupid, failed Eurocracy?


    No-one really believes in the European Union any more. How could they? It is a walking corpse.

    (Original post by Maker)
    Just the usual wanting the benefits without the costs.

    I am sure there are plenty of Hungarians in other EU countries who would be butt hurt if they get sent back to Hungary because EU migration works both ways.

    people need to let the dream die - mutliculturalism was never going to work like it was planned out on paper - the native population will always disappear amongst the floods of new generations of foreign cultures. if you want culture, what's wrong with western culture, the most liberal and progressive culture in history? it is superior to middle eastern and south asian culture by far, and to be honest, I wouldn't be narrowing it down to just those two, but come on, this is basically the only culture that is in direct opposition to the west, yet it is the culture that is growing the most due to immigration and birth rates.

    multiculturalism is basically cultural suicide bombing - you are attacking your own people and you're destroying the channels for civilisation to exist in the peaceful and advanced state that it is currently with all the facets that come that like rights for women, gays, atheists, challengers of the state, etc. multiculturalism is basically a big white flag in the face of the clash of civilisations because it is very clear that the new culture will attach itself to the white liberal **** of the host culture so that they can advance their own culture without seeming racist, yet the host culture can't do this because white liberal culture, for all its strengths, is pitifully weak. so as long as we are living in an age of "white people are evil and wrong", multiculturalism will destroy western values. you will see more sexual crimes, women wearing veils, gays and jews being terrorised in their own countries, etc. it is evil to advocate multiculturalism because the outcomes are so clearly terrible. mutliculturalism should end at allowing people to practice their own beliefs, NOT to deliberately "culturally enrich" (culturally engineer) a nation. we have the best culture in history in the west - we don't need islam polluting all the progress we've made.

    the problem of the left is that it is proud of its own ignorance - it says we live in a post-modern age where there is no truth and nothing sacred (especially freedom). well if you can't get a grip on the fact that freedom, equality, democracy and neutral/secular justice are better than imprisoning people for blasphemy, passively allowing certain communities to cultivate child grooming and teaching their purchased~ wives that they're worthless, then you can't argue for ANYTHING. if you can't admit that goodness is better than very blatant evil, you can't vote, you can't protest, you can't do or think ANYTHING political because you don't have the right when you are a post-modern lunatic who is too scared to come to the realisation that some things in politics in modern times are as close to facts as you can possibly ****ing get

    It's racist for White people to protect their heritage and not for any other people. So they vilify us by labelling as fascists, racists, Nazi's.

    Name a single African country that has a capital that is 55% non-Black

    So you can see why some people say anti-racist is codeword for anti-White.

    The worst are those who call us White supremacists and that is the majority of people on this forum.

    SUPREMACISTS? to have a future?

    Look up what the world supremacy means.

    (Original post by lawlieto)
    This referendum is a joke. Data shows that probably less than 50% of the eligible voters turned up.. Why? because there is no point in voting, there will be no quotas now anyway, nobody will be forced to take in refugees if they don't want to.

    Orban should have a referendum if Hungary wants to host the 2024 Olympics or not.
    I agree with the entirety of your message.
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