On a scale of 1 to 10, how masculine/feminine are you?


    Maybe 6. :dontknow:

    depends, does having the same amount of body hair as a silverback gorilla at the age of 18 count as masculine.

    I have a beard, and my body is generally pretty hairy - masculinity +1
    I have an undercut - masculinity +1
    I am one horny mofo who doesn't care who knows it - masculinity +1
    I shower ever other day - masculinity +1
    I like video games - masculinity +1?

    I am short - femininity +1
    I have no muscles - femininity +1
    I hate sports - femininity +1
    I love cats - femininity +1
    I think most girls are too dramatic or overly complex - femininity +1 (as every girl basically thinks this too)
    I spent a lot of money on clothes - femininity +1
    I think chick flicks can be quite good - femininity +1
    I piss sitting down - feminity +infinity

    I guess I'm a girl then...

    I reckon I'm about a 7. I'm tall, built, deep voice, strong jawline, talk a little bit common, love a bit of banter and I love sitting with my mates watching an action flick and/or talking about girls' arses. On the other hand, I can be kind and helpful and fairly emotionally sensitive, and I ****ing despise any kind of manual labour that isn't going to build me any more muscle.

    Probably an 8. I don't act hyper-masculine/douchey alpha, but do have dominant/masculine qualities, especially 1-to-1

    Probably a 7 .
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Updated: October 3, 2016
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