I want to Date an Investment Banker!

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    (Original post by jamesthehustler)
    I'm a luxury asset resale agent and know bankers we last met for a drink about 2 months ago that how big our workloads are I can understand why people wouldn't date us and how come the bankers i know are having ONS and using escorts/prostitutes a lot of the time
    Lol, is this in London?

    There were rumors of one of the consultants at a big hospital I did experience at seeing women in a nearby hotel.. :ninja:
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    (Original post by Commercial Paper)
    Generally speaking from people I know, if you say 'I want to date a banker' it sets off alarm bells and makes them run. Be with the person because you love them, not because they're a banker.

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    Good point :beard: AngryRedhead I find the career hot. I did Maths at uni and some of my friends are headed for IB (None of them are gay sadly )




    I remember seeing this post in the stereotypes thread, there's no way a middle aged woman wrote this.

    WHY are you pretending to be your own "mum" on TSR?! :toofunny: I've seen some weird **** on here but this takes the biscuit.

    Strong, strong everything... :rofl: :rofl: :lolwut:
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    (Original post by HANNAHBENLOLO)
    I know a gay Eastern European one who is now a quant/technology role (not sure what he is doing now) at one of the most famous hedge funds in London - they're notorious for making huge trades on equities market in milliseconds using sophisticated computer algorithms (not even humans).
    Yeah, a lot of my friends who did Computer Science are now going into IB instead of tech

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Lol, is this in London?

    There were rumors of one of the consultants at a big hospital I did experience at seeing women in a nearby hotel.. :ninja:
    in and around that area

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm starting graduate medicine in London next year so it's not about the money. Before that I am also living in London. I don't want a male doctor on my course. I want to date a banker they're hot :sexface:
    you're saying that a certain field of employment has hot people? how why would hot people be drawn to a certain employment field? that's like me saying "I want to date a sociologist, they're cute" - how can I possibly say that when sociology has nothing to do with looks? you might also say "investment bankers are hot because they have a lot of money" but you *just* said that it's *not* about money!

    Don't date someone who dedicates their life working 14+ hours a day for the pursuit of money and who's job will be replaced by computers in like a few years. Date a doctor who actually saves lives.

    And I'm an aspiring engineer so I'm not biased.
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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