What is the minimum amount of sleep you can function on?


    3-4 hours bare minimum to be able function. Really need at least 8hrs quality sleep.

    (Original post by 571122)
    Pardon me? My mixed martial arts teacher is 70, the other is 82 and they are both fit as a bunny; they can sprint like I can, they can do multiple barrel rolls and they can do at least 10 pull-ups. That's what you get when you stay fit, do sports every day and eat right.

    The age you are talking about is around 85-86, but yeah, if you live like an unhealthy monster, then by the age of 60 you will have a 94% chance of getting a stroke or your organs will start failing on you.
    with a guy who smokes 5 cigars a day and drink a quarter bottle of scotch (at least) along with the caffeine and the awful diet choices

    It depends how you consider function. I went to class yesterday on three hours sleep and unless I was focusing on taking notes I was dead to the world.

    Ideally I need a minimum 6 hours, but even then I'll feel really tired. I feel good at 8-9hrs.

    There's no minimum for me. :lol:

    In the early hours of the morning I slept for 40 odd mins after 5 days of no sleep :bigsmile:

    2 seconds.
    jk. 5 hours

    >10 hours- 80 %
    9-10 hours- 90-100%
    8-9 hours- 80%
    <7 hours - 50%
    3-4 hours- bare minimum sleep to function
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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