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    (Original post by epage)
    Okay then informed personal opinion. I just meant that you have to actually have to know a few things before you can make an informed judgement. Things like same-sex marriage are entirely down to personal opinion and not much else.
    Same sex marriage was a matter of discrimination. Personally I think that you've got to come up with a better, more objective reason, than an old book says so if you wish to actively discriminate against some group of people.

    (Original post by RF_PineMarten)
    What makes you think MPs know what they're talking about? On any one issue they are likely to be no more qualified to talk or make decisions than the average person. Some of them haven't got a clue on certain things.

    If the public aren't qualified to make those decisions, then neither are most MPs.
    Not only do they have the benefit of debate in Parliament, where sufficient people who do know what they're talking about are speaking that the levels of truth and reasoning are likely to be higher, but they're also professionals, so they have more time to read and think about issues, and they also have advisors who can help them (neither of which is available to your average member of the public). Finally, and I'm loathe to mention this for fear of sounding elitist, but they're significantly more intelligent on average than the public.
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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