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small boobs and boyfriend watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    My boyfriend has discussed the fact that I have very small boobs with his best mate, he knows I am really bothered about them especially as I know he is a boob man. Do I have a right to be pissed off about this?
    If he is obsessed with it you should change boyfriend, he should love u with all imperfection

    I'm sorry you had to go through this. YEs he is in the wrong and he shouldn't have discussed it.

    (Original post by indigofox)
    I agree but you can see how op is worried that it sounds like a bit of an issue to him if he talks about them to his mates. Though some men do like to pick faults. When he gets with his lass with large boobs a few years down the line he will probably be talking with his mates about the fact they have started to sag
    Well it depends on the situation, how he said it, who he said it to etc.

    If guys were talking about things they wish their bird had, which I personally likely wouldn't do, and he said "She could do with a bigger chest", then it doesn't sound specifically malicious. People in relationships often convince themselves that they are 100% open with each other, but just like you'd talk **** about your best mate to your girlfriend...it usually works the other way too.

    But if he's like "Yo my ***** has small tits" then alright, clearly he's a knob. He's a bit of a knob anyways for mentioning it regardless but there's obviously a scale which only context would provide.

    If a girl says to her friend "I don't like how much chest hair my boyfriend has" is that really any different from saying you don't like the size of your girl's tits?

    (Original post by bhfn)
    tell your friend he has a small penis

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    Do this!

    It's no different to discussing penis size with your female friends surely? Sex is a big part of a relationship, close friends are bound to talk, doesn't mean he's automatically being negative? It might just be a "oh yeah she has kind of small boobs" thing. I don't think he would date you if it was a problem? I wouldn't worry unless he starts being negative or making you feel bad
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