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Introverts: What kind of girls/ guys do you find attractive? watch


    (Original post by queenofswords)
    I'm only attracted to the uber social, wild and popular, alpha male type. So I am essentially attracted to people I wish I was like.

    I think its my inferiority complex kicking in. (I'm an extreme introvert)

    Do other introverted people feel this way? Or are you attracted to people that are reserved and quiet like you?
    I'm an extreme introvert unfortunately, as a guy I hate it, I've gained more confident in public speaking over time and can do this quite well now to when I was say in my late teens, around then I was nervous at it. I also used to be somewhat awkward around people as a child & in my teens, I'm okish now but still not great. My social skills have never really improved much I think, an extrovert will outshine me every time by a long, long way in social situations.

    I'm nearly always attracted to extrovert girls, not by choice the chemistry just switches straight on without any decision or will on my part. The girls are often towards the extreme end of extroverts, often nightclub types, hot looking (at least to me) and to be honest, sl*gs but not the rough looking ones, the clean looking ones. I know it sounds awful to term them as this to many but I like girls who are sl*gs. I know many look down on them but its just what I'm attracted to - I guess I'm attracted to their vibrancy, promiscuity and I like how they are really tarted up

    The main issue though tends to be social, I would not be particularly out to mix with their (many) friends. They no doubt are put off with thoughts of friends and it not fitting, who know's, but I can't sit & socialise for hours till my bum goes numb, I'm exhausted after about half hour or so tops and want to move on to do something else, my brain is quite active and always on the move even if it doesn't look like it from the outside.

    I don't mind spending some time with friends/people I'm just not good at it though. That and perhaps the girl see me and my lack of social skills as a major weakness/problem which it kind of is but more so if girl looks upon it that way. I mean most of my strengths are on the intellectual, analytical, problem solving, thinking side really.

    either im not bothered

    (Original post by Cremated_Spatula)
    I feel violated and I don't know why.
    that was intentional

    someone who is social? not enough to be overbearing and too extreme. just someone who is confident enough to speak for me but not too much that he would speak for me.
    someone who compliments my extreme social incompetence.

    (Original post by Yaboi)
    The one small, frail, weak ones that can't defend themselves.
    I'm small and weak, but I do martial arts, so surely that counts for something, right?
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