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    Is a single Chinese character probably half the size of your pinkie tattoo on your upper chest or somewhere not visible without your top off tacky and cringey?

    I wouldn't get one. There isn't an image that means enough to me to have it on me forever. I also wouldn't trust the artist to do a good job because you can't be sure how it will turnout.

    Fashions change as do personal tastes so while tattoos are really popular now, I predict they will not be cool in 20 years. How many people do you know with a good tattoo over 20 years old?

    I dunno I feel like I want to express myself and show small things that are significant to me or mean something to me and a really great way to do that is by putting beautiful art on my body. I would get something that only people who know me would get but is still really nice to look at. I don't mind people who have tattoos big or small. I mean who am I to judge? I most definitely will get one when I am old enough.

    I hate them. My sister had a small butterfly tattoo done on her ankle years ago. I asked her what was the point of it on her ankle? She said so no-one else could see it. OK, she and her husband know its there but no one else. Why??? Also she said it seriously hurt like hell. Why would you pay good money to have someone inflict pain on you like that? Oh, and then not only have a permanent reminder of said pain, but permanently deface your skin that way? Isn't your skin beautiful enough just the way it is? I would never have got work as a dancer with even one tattoo. Plus, I tend to associate them with poorly educated, council estate types.

    Well, I like tattoos. They are another way to show your feelings. Some people use as part of the makeup. It looks great when you wear according.

    I don't have one, would like to have one but I never will, The majority of tattoo's that see other people with I tend to like and quite like the art which they have. I prefer the sleeves and think that they are great and can suit both males and females.

    I don't think that all tattoo's are good and suit everyone, if it is done right then it is great to see.

    I don't see what the problem is with people showing them especially at work. I don't think that people should be discriminated against for jobs because they have visable tattoo's.I don't think that it gives the wrong impression etc that people use as an excuse
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    (Original post by annabirks)
    Well, I like tattoos. They are another way to show your feelings. Some people use as part of the makeup. It looks great when you wear according.
    True. What would you think about my feelings, if I would wearing a Chinese dragon from the neck down to the spine? plus Latin messages on my
    upper arms?
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