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Seriously, what do you think Trump will do? Why are you scared? watch


    (Original post by cambio wechsel)
    I think not very much. He is a stunt president who has already far exceeded what was ever the limit of his political expectation and likely even his political ambition. My suspicion then is that he will be there to glad-hand and sign the cheques, with the day to day left to a Kennedy School mandarin class of Washington careerists.

    That anyway is what I hope.
    I am not sure it is what I hope.

    One of the big challenges for Trump is whether he will be able to see the differences in the meaning of "You must not do that Mr President"

    (a) if you do that it might terribly upset half a dozen people who are deeply committed to the status quo which unduly favours them

    (b) if you do that you will be impeached and then you will go to gaol

    (c) if you do that Mr Putin will press the red button

    I personally am not scared that he won, I think that he reflects how the majority of
    Americans feel. They want strong borders (not cause they're racist but because
    there is only a limited amounts of jobs available), they want aggressive trade
    policies because they feel they are getting mugged of by the other
    superpowers (infamously china) , they want someone who doesn't have time
    for being "politically correct "(they feel it wastes time and they want someone
    efficient who can get the job done), they want a tough immigration system (like
    the one Australia has) where they only take people they really need e.g. specialist
    surgeons or world renown university lecturers, they want an outsider ( Hillary has
    been in politics for 30 years why is it only now she wants to do these amazing
    things??, they want to see Christian reforms like making abortion illegal again, they want a reintroduction of traditional values , they want a strong law enforcement, they want someone to fix the apparently corrupt system and so on ..... What really scares me is that some people want to override democracy just because they don't like the winner.
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