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watermelon sugar
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i got an A at gcse after five years of zilch effort and my senior school saying i was too dumb for fmaths...
learnt two AS modules myself in the summer term(tell a lie, half hour a week help from a lecturer) and i'm shooting for an A/B it's all about how much work you put into it! if you find AS math a breeze, then fmath won't be too bad.
if you're unsure, perhaos take up AS fmath in your second year isnstead
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(Original post by relentless999)
Basically im really stuck as to whether I should choose to study FM next year. I want to do engineering at university so you can see why its important. I am expecting an A* this summer for maths, however am not suure whether im really good enough for the course - dont get me wrong ill definetly put the work in but..
So basically what Id like to know from the people whove the course - What grade they got at GCSE, what grade they are now. And whether the transition has been diffucult. Oh and is there anything I should do during the summer so im fully prepared for the course.

Anyways THNX! :tsr2:
Hey tell you my story, maybe you haven't seen my posts yet, but well...

I got A* at IGCSE in Maths.

I had begun my AS levels without even knowing there was a further maths course nor did my teachers... did the AS with CIE and got an A.

The summer after my AS, I got to know there was an Further Maths Qualification, so I started doing some research on it, and finally got my school to agree to help me out by getting a teacher who could teach the pure modules of FM. However I had only 1 year's worth of time to complete the AS and the A2 in Further Maths, and NO timetabled lessons at all.

So I put in the work in my extra time during this last year. I started again the AS Maths in September 2007 from scratch, i.e. from C1 and did by January C1-C4 M1-M3 S1 and FP1 and managed to get +93 UMS in all those modules... (without teacher in the Mechanics modules).

Came back from my winter holidays to find that my only maths teacher that could teach me the Further pure modules had to leave in 4 weeks time, so I had to hurry through FP2 and FP3 in the time of 4 weeks, and took the rest of the time for M4. So basically, from March onwards, I was by myself and a friend doing the Further Maths. So I think, that if you are willing to put the work in and the effort and find maths easy, then you should have no problems with it...

Just enjoy your summer and leave the rest to when the year begins...

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