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    The fact is what has made a 13 year old commit rape? Can you imagine the the child's childhood leading up to this? A 13 year old doesn't rape unless they have severe problems at home. Its the same with the recent Edlington attack (where a 11 and 9 year old brothers tortured two other boys around the same age). In the Edlington case the mother apparently was addicted to heroine, and the father was a drunk who beat the sons and mother.

    I think it should be a bigger incarnation sentence (i say incarnation because prison is not what he needs), just so the damage inflicted on him since birth can be repaired. Throwing him in jail and throwing away the key or for a very long time as some suggest would just continue the cycle of crime (The criminal goes in not taking any qualifications and is released with less job prospects and a more fragile mental state than before he was caught, leading them to commit crime).

    I'm not saying the boy is not at fault, he committed one of the most horrifying acts a person can, and deserves a more just sentence based on that.

    (Original post by xxAFFxx)
    Not all the time. generally 13 year old boy are quite small especcially asians.
    so its not a stupid comment.
    Note that I put the word 'some' before both parties I mentioned in my post. Read posts properly before you reply.

    Our legal system needs altering.

    (Original post by Ministerdonut)

    Apparently he gets a lesser sentence because he's 13. In my opinion beating and raping a woman is a grown up crime,it's not stealing apples. This country has become a very poorly run place with it's leaders only interested in feathering their own nests. I believe at some point it will bite them horribly in the arse!.

    This scumbag, beats and rapes a woman, and we all should hopefully appreciate the trauma this woman has to deal with. Yet she and her boyfriend have to witness him getting sent down for 3 yrs (he won't serve all of that of course...).

    Simple question on capital punishment - do we know for certain Khan did it? YES

    Do we know for certain that if he was wiped off the planet - the planet would be a better place? YES

    This kind of crime is one of those where if anyone from her family took revenge on the perpetrator I would hope it was dealt with ,with sympathy. Especially judging by how broken the justice and penal system is, other forms of justice will increasingly become attractive.
    3-years for Rape is disgusting and shows disrespect to the victim, someone mentioned capital punishment, i have a thread on whether this is a suitable measure to deplete these repugnant crimes including rape, murder, peadophilia, etc.

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