GF caught me masturbating... Watch

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(Original post by stinky--pete)
masturbating over her or even porn would not be an issue but other girls generally yes!! she's meant to turn you on, not randomers. i'm not surprised with what she has done. how would you feel if you knew she was getting off by thinking or looking at other lads??
Why is it an issue. You can't be deluded enough to think that your boyfriend doesn't find any one else he knows attractive? Its not just a persons partner that turns them on.
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(Original post by Rossical)
masturbating over other girls?....of courseeee she has nothing to be mad about ¬_¬.

I hope you understand sarcasm.
I hope you understand how dumb you are; seriously, guys watch porn all the time. It's exactly the same - other girls.

I can sympathise with this guy. Yes, although it may seem unlawful and partially, it is, there isn't a major problem with it and as long as you can resolve it with your gf it shouldn't cause much harm to your relationship.

If it does, then your gf doesn't understand the male mentality :yep:
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