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    How would people answer the following question;

    what does good customer service mean to you/

    I would answer it with something like:

    "Establishing when there is a problem. When one arises, then dealing with it as swiftly and efficiently as possible, to the satisfaction of both the customer and the company. If possible, I would also find a way to exceed customer expectations by going a little bit further for them than they would expect."

    Okay I have a job interview for this company called Ardington Fulfilment, which is a factory of some sort. I'd be working in a call centre. But I'm dreading the question 'What do you know about this company'? Cos I'm dreading it.... Would something like 'I know you have warehouse facilites that other companies use to store products. You also are responsible for shipping customers items from the wholesalers and you have call centre facilites which I assume are for dealing with feed back and complaints' Would that be ok???

    Maybe slightly more depth if possible, such as who their main competitiors are, but that will probably be okay.

    Ah good I had the interview and it was v.informal they didnt ask me thank God!

    I just posted this in the other thread, but I found this video on interview technique given by that bird out of Brookside at the bottom of this page

    Another one is:

    Have you applied any where else?

    I got asked that in my TopShop interview yesterday. Didn't know whether I should be honest or not

    many thanx,very useful
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    great stuff in this thread

    (Original post by pinkpinkuk)
    I tend to find a good questions to ask them is "What, for you, is the best thing about working here?"

    I got a horrible 2 questions the other day:

    "Describe yourself in 3 words"

    Followed by:

    "How would your family and closest friends describe you in 3 words?"

    Eek! :eek:

    EEK! lol i got the second one

    and i got ... How would you handle a customer if they lost their temper ?

    i thought that ws a bad one.

    I hate being asked what flaws you have and to list things you would inprove about yourself... always go in knowing the anwser to these ones!

    Tnx ur da best dis is really good. I had lots of interviews but they all say some one was better than me so don't end up getting it. This will really help in my next interview (if I get one).:party:

    How would you answer..

    'Name a highstreet shop that you think has good customer service and why?'

    Well the why bit is looking for you to give an example of a time when you were treated well I think. So for example, you could say 'HMV, because when I had a problem finding a CD I wanted, they spent a lot of time searching and then ordering it for me, and ringing me as soon as they had it' etc etc.


    Any body know how a can impress an interviewer while going for a job for sales executive?
    Anything in particular?? I have the interview today.


    I am doing my dissertation on students going into careers. Here is something I wrote...

    Many graduates see going for a job interview as a bit of an ordeal.

    Does this describe you?

    An interview can be a nerve-racking experience. You want the job you are going for and you are under pressure to perform.

    For the better jobs there will often be first, second and in some cases third interviews.

    First interviews will follow a brief telephone interview and is used as part of an employer’s screening process. Essentially they are ‘getting rid of the bad stuff’ and trying to find the good stuff (which is hopefully you). Only 20% of candidates get this far.

    Second interview tips: Second interviews will look further examine your technical or specialist skills. They will give the chance for the owner, director or senior partner to rake a look at you. You need to be able to anticipate questions you’ll be asked, have convincing answers and deliver replies professionally.

    An employer will be looking for the following things from you:

    - Will this person be able to do the job?
    - Will you fit into the team?
    - Are you enthusiastic and motivated?

    The ability to the job is perhaps the most important part. This can come down to the work experience you have.

    You need to guarantee your success by…

    • Having extensive knowledge about the organisation you are applying to.
    • Having tip-top interview skills
    • Making sure you fit well into the job.
    • Sell yourself professionally and enthusiastically.

    The Interview generally follows a simple structure:

    1. There is a formal start, introduction etc.
    2. A middle – a carefully timed sequence of questions
    3. An opportunity for you to ask questions (you must ask some!)
    4. An end.

    The formal start – making the right impression

    Lets get this right and keep it simple.

    You need to have the right appearance and body language. The morning of the interview make sure you clean up good, put on your best suit, a light touch of perfume/aftershave, some brightening eye drops and a good smile.

    Wake up with an air of assertiveness, self-confidence and ready for the challenge ahead. Don’t mention anything negative about yourself and if your interviewer brings up anything negative, turn it into a positive.

    Speak with great communication skills. See the recommended books on NLP if you want to learn some more about this. Body language is important with communication skills. Make sure you sit in an open body position at a slight angle so not to cause confrontation. Lean forward slightly to show interest, main eye contact and relax!

    Make sure your handshake is firm but not knuckle breaking.

    It’s Question Time!

    The most common areas to be questioned upon are…

    - About you
    - About your academic record
    - Your work experience
    - Your career objectives, dreams and motives
    - Your knowledge of the company you are applying for
    - Your personal achievements outside work

    To break this down further think remember these things:

    • When you talk about yourself remember to be positive. Highlight your strengths and remember they will always ask you about negatives. Always turn negatives into positives. For example, you could say you are always too hard on yourself and expect too much from yourself. This is a negative easily turned into a positive.
    • When asked about you’re A-levels or degree you may be asked why you chose certain subjects. Answer clearly and concisely.
    • When is comes to work experience then you are going to be asked questions on your main responsibilities, lessons learnt, what you found difficult, how you got on with your boss etc.
    • Make sure you know why you want the job you are interviewing for, what other jobs you have applied to and where you want to be in 5 to 10 years time.
    • IMPORTANT! Your knowledge of the organisation. What do you like about the company? What key issues need addressing? Why will you fit in?
    • Make sure you have some personal achievements to hand. Travelling the world, charity work, stand up comedian, sports…

    Turn the table around! It’s your turn to ask some questions!

    Some good ones are…

    • Is there anything you have heard from me today that worries you that I wouldn’t fit into this job role? (You then tell them why they are wrong!)
    • Do you like working here? Why do you like it so much?
    • What do you think the strengths of the company are?
    • What scope is there for personal growth?
    • What kind of people would I be working with if I got the job?

    MOST IMPORTANTLY your questions should be showing the interviewer that you are very INTERESTED in working at their company. If you act like you are interested and that you have got other job offers and that you are trying to pick the best job for you (rather than them pick you), then you will seem more sought after.

    THE END.

    Thank the interviewer, say it was nice to meet them and do the obligatory handshake goodbye.

    Make sure you send them a thank you email the next day re-iterating that you enjoyed meeting them and clarifying a couple of your positive points (subtly

    I have got 'Where do you shop for clothes?' and 'Who are our competitors?' for a jib in Monsoon.

    Hello, I have an assessment centre next week. I am new to this site. I don't know where to post about my assessment centre. By what means I prepare.

    Just wanted to say thanks for this thread, due to various factors (mostly chronic illness and being an over-studious nerd) I'd managed to reach the age of 20 without ever having a job-so I was feeling pretty hopeless about finding one for summer. I will now be working full time at Internationale all summer-got offered the job on the spot after my interview.

    As well as several questions from the OP, I also got:

    Give an example of a time when you have experienced poor customer service

    So yes thanks again OP

    Montrose: excellent thread, can't compete on seriousness so...

    Here are some questions I've heard personally been asked and made up just now. If i'm interviewing i just make questions up and see where it takes us... (i've also added some answers, they aren't very good, but i hope they are somewhat funny):

    If you could be a fish, what fish would you be? - starfish ('cos
    i'm the brightest (joke) - a good answer mind you!)

    Why do banks charge a higher "overdraft rate" when they know that there is insufficient funds? - they really like your house

    If you had a million dollars how would you spend it? - bail out a bank

    What is your motivation in life? - to acquire myself a nice business card with fancy lettering and a nice title under my name. that and the opportunity to pilfer some quality stationery.

    What was the funniest thing you have ever experienced? - this interview/ your face/ voice/ last job's pay package

    Big Mac's or Whoppers? - whats the difference? they all come from the same pet store.

    Questions to ask your interviewer (when you know you aren't gonna get the job. probably cos you gave answers similar to mine lol :

    What is it about me that makes you so drawn to me?

    Whats the deal with 'I before E'?

    How many times have you been naked in public? Elaborate

    remeber, no matter how badly the interview is going and how dreadful you are feeling you can always make yourself feel better by leaning across the table and punching the interviewer on the nose.
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