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I don't want friend at university watch


    (Original post by *Claire*)
    Say to her that u r good friends but u dont want her picking a uni over u. Even if ur not together u'll still visit etc. But if she does end up at ur uni try to not end up in the same accomm maybe. Mite b hard if she keeps askin where u've put. Maybe say if ur separate u can make twice the friends between u? If shes a gd mate, reasure her u'll stay friends but u each need 2 choose wots right for u. If not then well...

    I've spoken to her and she has took it more well than I thought she would, but shes been ignoring me since. It feels 10x better to have it out in the open now compared to what it was. I think now she's wanting to go to University with our other friend who seems not to mind as much. Thanks everyone for all your help it was greatly appriciated!

    Try and arrange it so that you and your friend end up in different accommodation. Depending on which university you go to, different halls will usually end up organising different Freshers' events, and even if they don't, you will be mainly socialising with your hallmates in the first couple of weeks. So just go out with your hallmates and keep your phone switched off for long periods of time. She will have no choice but to find her own friends. If you bump into her, be friendly and introduce her to the people you're with.

    (Original post by Aetheria)
    Well, if she's ignoring you at least she won't be stalking you!
    true lol oh and thanks
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    There's really nothing you can do about it. I also have a very talkative friend and it's quite likely we're going to end up on the same course at the same uni and possibly in the same halls.

    But seriously, you'll both make lots of new and different friends and probably drift apart slightly naturally. There's nothing you can tell her at this stage, you have no right to try to influence her uni choices. When you get there, make your own friends and you won't see as much of her anyway.
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