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    (Original post by jacoblee)
    Yeah I would, she wouldn't even have to touch me. If she does anything intentionally disrespectful she's getting smacked up.
    Well any woman with even an ounce of self-respect would dump your sorry rear end then and there and you'll be left with a restraining you WOMAN BEATER!!!!! where are all my feminists on tsr gone?

    Yes. I punch people regardless of their gender.

    (Original post by Secretnerd123)
    you serious? Haha ima holla my girl fats then
    Wallahay I have fights with my 18 year old bro and he goes gym fam am too strong.

    Am well chuffed.

    Na fam holla at me ill beat these naar *somali* dwellers for you

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    Yes I would in the same way that I would anyone else who is a significant threat and who has hit me - and I am an amateur boxer with 25 fights under my belt and years of experience. The argument about power difference is silly tbh. If a lesser male fighter punches me and carries on trying to do so I'll still go for a KO to stop it. What't the use in pulling punches to make something fair lol? By some peoples logic here don't bother unless you're exactly the same age, height, weight, chin, experience etc etc.

    (Original post by Maid Marian)
    Hmm ok I can understand hitting her if she was proper going at you, I wouldn't think badly of a guy for hitting a girl in that situation.

    If I punched you (I don't punch people, but if I did), would you really punch me back, knowing you have 4 years of lifting behind you, whereas the most I've ever lifted is my school bag? I'd have probably hurt myself enough just by punching you anyway, I'm that weak.
    If you punched me and it was a single punch, I'd probably vigorously push you away or grab your wrist and throw you to the floor if it was two punches. If it was a fully aggressive prolonged attack with multiple attempts to hit me, I'd defend myself with the intent to incapacitate, man or women.
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