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Farage talks sense on immigration watch


    (Original post by georgen13)

    Imagine what happens if UKIP get elected? We leave the EU, and then are left with a party with no other policies and absolutely no parliamentary experience.
    Oh they won't stop there. They will begin to resemble France's national front, and I would not be surprised if a ban on the niqab is first thing on the menu ....

    Farage has the right philosophy - freedom and anti-prohibitionism. The problem is that such a manifesto wouldn't go far, probably not even in his own party so he is bound to moderate his policies. Apparently he would replace the CAP with a land grant. This is wrongheaded - we should do away with subsidies altogether. He also declares himself to be in favour of referendums, but while I can see why that makes sense from a eurosceptic point of view, I think referendums are a perilous instrument as there is no clear way to demarcate what ought and what ought not be decided in that way. At the moment we only hold referendums on important constitutional issues and that's how it should stay.

    There is no doubt that we have an unbalanced immigration policy, thus an oversupply of unskilled labour which probably isn't feasible in a welfare state. Ideally, we would treat EU and non-EU citizens in the same way and assess them on the basis of skills. At the moment, a skilled English speaker from Asia or Africa has to apply for a visa and, if lucky enough to get it, has limited access to welfare whereas an unskilled EU citizen who doesn't speak English can enter the country and has the same rights as any Englishman. This is obviously nonsense, but is the price we pay for the freedom to travel wherever we like in Europe and I think it's worth paying.

    (Original post by Sanctimonious)
    "They say if you have a life threatening disease, I'm sorry but we can't accommodate you. They say if you have a serious criminal record we won't have you...
    Bold is amusing.

    (Original post by gagaslilmonsteruk)
    Farage said something that I agreed with today on the news - that's a first! It was about ways to react to the crisis of Brits fighting on the side of ISIS and how to act about them. Revoking their passports (for ISIS supporters who have citizenship but have no origins in Britain) is a good idea, but what if they were born and bred in Britain? What could we do then?
    We can still revoke their citizenship it leaves them with no official nationality and lack of identity and personally I think it's the lease we can do for people who turned their backs on a welcoming country to all to go murder innocents in the name of 'god' no religion teaches to kill so they going against Islam anyway and whether they have lives ere their whole lives if they go off to fight with IS they should automatically lose their citizenship that's their fault for going off to slaughter for the sake of it.
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