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Do you think that it's stupid/selfish that most people have political beliefs? Watch


    (Original post by Pride)
    Perhaps there will never be a party 'for everyone' but I think it's sad if most people (or a considerable proportion of people) don't like any of the parties, and so if they do vote they choose who they dislike the least. Then they aren't represented.

    I guess it depends how much you dislike one of the parties compared to the others, as well as how popular you feel they are getting. I probably would vote if there was a party that were incredibly evil that I felt were in serious risk getting power (so more likely in periods of recession and high unemployment). That said, what would my one vote mean in a circumstance like that?
    Jesus, you are a waste of my time clearly.

    Also, just so you know, UKIP and conservatives are in talks over a pact where the Tories stand down from 20 seats where UKIP are likely to win in exchange for UKIP promoting the Tories in the rest of the country. If that happens then UKIP will weild some serious power, the NHS will be privatised if they get in, and you might actually want to bother to vote to stop it.

    (Original post by nohomo)
    Somebody said to me earlier today that a lot of farmers are conservative. I don't know whether this is true, but I don't understand why they would be. They work hard ploughing soil etc, they don't work hard cracking open economics and politics textbooks.

    Is it just that they feel they "work hard" and the conservatives are for "hard-working people"?

    It seems selfish or stupid to have political beliefs without actually educating yourself. Would a farmer have enough time to actually decide which political stance is best?

    I don't have political beliefs really. I sometimes post stuff on here to troll or because I think I might learn from the responses, or if something seems completely unfair...but even then I don't go out and vote.

    I haven't studied economics or politics.

    How long would somebody have to study, in your opinion, to make an informed vote, based on their principles?

    I hope this post isn't inflammatory.
    I've chosen my position from philosophical thought rather than economic or political (I'll be the first person to admit I don't know the first thing about economics). You don't really need to keep up with current affairs or study politics, you just have to work out what values are important to you and vote based on them. It's difficult for me because I'm basically an anarchist and voting when you're an anarchist is like breaking a boycott in a way but I know if I don't vote for the party that I think is the least deplorable that there's someone else voting for a party that I find even more deplorable so I vote anyway.

    (Original post by redferry)
    It saddens me to see how little people in this country care aboutnthe NHS, one of the best healthcare services in the world.
    Want to explain how that is un any way relevant to what I posted???
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    (Original post by cole-slaw)
    When you have people completely uneducated in moral and political philosophy, you have a lot of people who are, for example, quite happy to support a policy that unnecessarily infringes upon other people's freedoms because they haven't fully considered the underlying moral principles that should support any real world policy.

    Unfortunately, the situation we have is an ill-informed and uneducated populace, who have absolutely no idea what is and isn't a good and fair law or policy, and end up just voting for the political party that the media tells them too.

    and when the media is owned by a handful of rich men, we've walked blindly into an autocratic plutocracy. That's the situation we are in now, sadly.
    I do agree with you. But I don't really know what solution there is to this problem that's fair :/
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Updated: July 14, 2014
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