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    (Original post by l.broadhurst)
    I think a lot of people on this post have missed the point that the reason certain people are only getting e.g. £15 a week left over after accommodation is due to the fact that there household income comes under one of the higher brackets. When the people with larger loans have around the same left over it is worrying, as the people with smaller loans are expected (by the government) to receive financial support off of there household. Luckily, myself being someone from a very low household income, I qualify for many grants and bursaries and I think anyone from a low household income should be reassured by the amount of bursaries and grants there are off numerous sources. I am going to the university of leeds and there are sooooo many available, some are automatic and some you need to fill forms out. Be proactive! I have applied for everything possible and I mean everything. Good luck!

    also people coming onto this website to make petty remarks and digs please grow up
    Just because my household income supposedly comes under the "high income" bracket doesn't mean that my household can support me in the way that hose who get grants etc are supported. My parents don't have a lot left over each month despite the "high income" and just last year they actually had to borrow £1000 off me just to get by off of. Sure it's their decisions and lifestyle that resulted in this but I have no control over how they spend THEIR money, so there's not much I can do apart from try to get a job asap. Sure they'll be able to help out a little but it'd no where equate to what most people receive from the government.

    I think it's quite rare that those with larger loans are only ending up with around £15 a week and in most cases it's because of choices they made, ie en suit accommodation. If they don't want to be in a worrying situation as you put it then they just have to make sacrifices. Do I want to share bathrooms? Not really but if I made the choice not to i'd not even have enough to cover the accommodation which would be silly.

    I think it is pretty much just try to make the best out of what you have and make smart well thought out choices. I agree that you should start investigating to find out any bursaries etc that you qualify for. Just make sure to budget and once you get there search and search for a job. Don't fret too much because if you really want something you'll find a way. And if worse comes to worse many universities offer a hardship fund so It's very unlikely you'll end up starving.

    Good luck

    (Original post by PC2852)
    Uni halls deposits are not 4-6 weeks rent
    Depends who runs them. My current uni owns/manages only a couple of their official uni halls. The uni-run ones charge the equivalent of 3 weeks' rent as deposit. The co-owned or privately run ones (the majority) charge up to 7.5 weeks' rent. You can apply for the cheaper ones but rooms are limited and fill fast. You can be allocated to any of the others without being consulted as they're treated the same way as uni-owned ones.

    The uni's policy is to move away from managing student accommodation, passing it over to student housing companies wherever possible.

    Having been through first year, and as a 'less well off' student I too got the higher end of the student finance. In case you didn't know you get loan first then after a certain point you get grant. Your first year will be very expensive because average accommodation in halls is about £4000-£5500, some are even more! 1st semester, or the first time you get paid will last until christmas, your rent will take it all, but you should get more money each payment and the amount of rent you pay in the time between student finance payments is less. I think by the end of it my april payment I only payed £400 of it on rent compared to the other times!

    Just try to remember that when you find accommodation for next year that it will be A LOT cheaper. I am saving £2000 on what I payed for my halls! So after first year you will have more money.

    Best thing to do is budget, if you make batches of food you can freeze you will find £36 is quite a lot! Try to set yourself to about £20, you can actually do it! I did and I was shopping at Tesco, not even Lidl or Aldi when I could have!

    Hope this helps!
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