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    I believe in the Metanormal.

    The so-called "paranormal" is just a made up approximation of what exists in between the Normal and the Metanormal. That's the reason it's considered so scary and evil: Because of course if you try to make someone very different from you act more like you, there'll be backlash.

    When the British tried to make Indians more like them, it started a war because the British East India Co. didn't respect Indian customs (Sepoy Rebellion) . So why is it any different with Normal and Metanormal? It's not. The "paranormal" is a stupid estimation of the Metanormal.

    All the deities, ghosts, demons, etc humanity has ever thought up are really just part of Atom doing it's thing. I use Atom as an umbrella term for the everything atomic and subatomic, FYI. So when people pray to a creator, they're not praying to a made up god like they think they are, they're praying to the fundamental particles, atoms, nuclei, molecules, etc.

    (Original post by NHM713)
    In a way yes. I believe there is more to this world than what we can, see, hear, taste, touch and feel.
    There is. It's called the quantum world. In that size scale you can even defy the laws of logic on a whim. Seriously, quantum systems can have the same particle in two separate places at the same time, have particles pop into and out of existence spontaneously, have two particles entangle each other so that whatever happens to one of them is experienced by the other one as well (simultaneously), and so many more wacky things.

    I wouldn't say I believe as such but am open to the possibility I'd probably class myself as an open minded sceptic.

    This is evidence that philosophy is crap. Having a 'feeling' 'thinking it could be true' ' the merest suggestion of the possibility' only puts you in the 'vote for me I am a loony' club. This question should be asked in the Nutters and I believe in Butter forum, definitely not a forum that represents the serious subject of suppositonal nonsense.
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