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    (Original post by ubisoft)
    Hopefully all your further exams are cancelled and all your previous AS and GCSE certificates are nullified.

    I do agree this exam should be cancelled. No if or buts, you cheated and that's it.
    Whether you intended to or not, you still did.

    I remember a guy got a call in GCSE though, nothing happened, no invig went to him or anything, he quickly shut it off and resumed. Maybe the case is the same here? Who knows.

    I recommend you just accept you ****ed up big time(sorry but I rather say it to straight) and continue with your exams, as hard as that is to do. Maybe nothing will happen or maybe all your A-levels will be cancelled, no one on TSR can tell you though what will actually happen- well they can, but they are just guessing.

    But pretending that you are some busy body, and all that nonsense is useless as everyone is in exam mode and you aren't special in this regard.
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    Welcome Squad
    (Original post by moment of truth)
    I didn't get a notification for this, for some reason. :dontknow:

    I am not sure, but the calculator he had could answer most things in the exam and I think it showed the working out too (I can't really remember, sorry ). This was for edexcel, so if you are doing a different board, I am not sure if the same rules apply.
    No problem!

    Oh okay, because graphical calculators draw graphs for you, they can store information and equations etc. So I think that's a disadvantage for those who don't use them. Yeah, I am on OCR and they allow it so I guess there's no problem!
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    (Original post by hayato_uk)
    Even if one person cheats, it doesn't really affect the grade boundaries. Besides, the calculator isn't all that useful. It's mostly differentiation and integration.

    Posting that you cheated in a public exam on student forum isn't a great idea, unless you're just seeking attention.
    It was unintentional and no its not for attention its because i need to know if i have a future chance of doing my other exams

    (Original post by howard97)
    It was unintentional and no its not for attention its because i need to know if i have a future chance of doing my other exams
    The sad truth is that this will probably be classed as malpractice by the exam board so most likely they will give you 0 for this resit. If I were you I would talk to your exams officer/head of maths and see if there is anything else you can do. However, I would highly recommend that you try as hard as possible not to dwell on it and almost forget about it. Yes, it is possible they may take more severe action, but at the end of the day if you mess up all your exams because you are dwelling on what might happen then it doesn't really make a difference. Good luck, work hard for your exams and I wish you all the best.

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    Intersting. I was the only one doing FP3 at college which was at the same time as C1 and when they said it was a non-calculator paper, I had to say I was taking a different exam and was allowed a calculator.
    Your invigilators seem too eager to let you have calculators and mine seem to eager to not let you have them.

    i don't understand how you didn't know that a calculator isn't allowed for C1? you base your whle C1 revision around arithmetic and basic skills because of the fact that it's not allowed - that's what makes it a challenge!!
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    This conversation has gotten COMPLETELY out of hand. There is NO EXCUSE for any kind of abuse to be thrown in the direction of another human being, and it has NO PLACE on TSR. Thread has been locked.
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