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Louise Mensch is so stupid. Plan to smear Corbyn backfires. watch


    (Original post by MatureStudent36)
    The bank bailout was required as the failure of them doesn't bare thinking about. But that's bailout was predominantly a loan and guarantees.
    I'd understand the government having to pick up the tab if it was the one who took the decisions, but these are private individuals who made the decisions and who needed bailing out.

    If the government is going to be the one left holding the **** bucket, it might as well own that **** bucket.

    The government does listen to what it's people want. Otherwise they wouldn't get elected.
    Damn it man! The UK system is a party system. Usually, one votes for the colour the candidate is wearing on election day.

    Corbyn wants people to be energized about policies, not party colours.

    I think you're falling into the trap of believing that Corbyn and his supporters represent the general consensus of the population. I think you'll find that they're don't.
    I thought everyone wanted Corbyn elected. He seems to have cross-party support (i.e: the Tories want him, Labour want him, and the SNP/Lib Dems probably want him).

    For different reasons, maybe but it seems everyone wants Corbyn.
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    (Original post by ToadHallToad)
    She does make up for it by being sexy as ****
    According to Mensch, she's tired of female politicians (or failed ones in her case) being judged on their looks, but then goes on constantly defending her decisions to have facelifts. She's a self absorbed idiot, basically.
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    (Original post by KimKallstrom)
    Source: The Guardian.

    That aside, she is correct that Corbyn supporters have been throwing around a lot of anti-Semitic poison recently. Mensch's error, bone-headed as it was, while attempting to expose this does not make it any less true. The fact that you are implying this, OP, makes you look like just as much of a retard as she is quite frankly.
    Okay, so first of all, I've not voted for Corbyn (I'm not a party member) and I don't agree with everything he says. I like him personally as I've met him a number of times over the past seven years. Plus I hate the other three candidates (I wish Dan Jarvis would have come forward, he's decent). There are sadly a minority of anti Semitic idiots who jump on the Corbyn bandwagon. But they do not represent Corbyn and his supporters. They are a small minority. Corbyn is not anti Semitic himself. Neither are his policies. What is disgusting is Louise Mensch disgusting attempt at trying to suggest that a vote for Corbyn is a vote for antisemitism. I'm glad this has backfired as it shows what a dumb, arrogant, deluded, vacuous person she is.
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