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What do you think of Yorkshire? watch


    (Original post by xGCSE_Studentx)
    ngl Leeds is a nice place to be but i wouldn't want to live there only bits of Leeds are decent some parts are crappy and becoming, like Bradford, very derelict
    I can't think of anywhere I consider to be getting worse although places towards Seacroft are still run down.

    (Original post by tryingandfailing)
    Pretty accurate, except York is better than Leeds imo
    York is prettier but Leeds is a bit more lively and has a bigger city feel that I like. I'd probably want to live in Leeds until the kids finish university and move out for good but then look towards York.

    (Original post by prepdream)
    Anyways, what do you guys think of Sheffield?
    I really love Yorkshire that I am planning to go to uni in here. Sheffield in particular
    Sheffield is okay, I rate it marginally above Huddersfield and Wakefield. Badly pulled down by the rest of South Yorkshire though.

    (Original post by Stiff Little Fingers)
    Lived in Bradford for four years for university, it's good but there's too many hills, you play the wrong sort of rugby and mint sauce on non-lamb pies is an abomination that they seem to be obsessed with.
    Mint sauce goes with everything.

    (Original post by zozjav1)
    Are you joking me about bradford?? Barely english? Love, the Muslim population there is 24 percent
    And almost all congregated in the inner city suburbs making it feel much worse. Bradford has a classic white flight pattern.

    1. Beautiful county, lovely warm friendly people and fantastic traditional northern food
    2. Yes, I have family in a very rural part of the West Riding and we try to go up and visit every couple of years or so Never been to the cities though.
    3. Love the Yorkshire accent. I'd give anything to speak Yorkshire instead of stuck-up southern RP
    4. Can't eat enough of the food when I'm up there. The food down here is great but Yorkshire food is on a different planet
    5. My favourite is beautiful Kent, because it's amazing and it's where I've spent most of my life, but Yorkshire definitely comes in a very close second

    (Original post by EliteWolf98)
    Right, I'm from gods country, Yorkshire (West Yorkshire to be specific)

    What does everyone think of Yorkshire?
    Have you been there?
    Do you like the accent or dialect? I've seen my people of this site who dislike the accent.
    Do you like the food? Yorkshire puddings ect..
    What's your favourite county?

    Anyone else here from Yorkshire???
    Just realised I didn't do this.

    1) In all seriousness it's alright although some of the places are dumps.
    2) Multiple times mostly watching football.
    3) Don't mind most the accents except for the South Yorkshire (Dee-Dah) accent which is vile.
    4) The food is good, especially curry in Bradford.
    5) Derbyshire.

    Yorkshire's the best! I'm biased though, York is my home city

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    TSR Support Team
    (Original post by Rakas21)
    Mint sauce goes with everything.
    No, it goes with lamb, just as cranberry sauce goes with just Turkey, and apple with pork.

    And almost all congregated in the inner city suburbs making it feel much worse. Bradford has a classic white flight pattern.
    Eh, it's nowhere near as bad as you're making out. It's a bit dead as a city because Leeds is so close, very few shops open up and stay open, very few clubs or pubs survive, but that's because a city with great shopping and nightlife is a three pound train away. It's basically just a quite inoffensive little city stuck in Leeds shadow.

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    I love living there, for its beautiful countryside alone. I live just outside the North York moors national park.
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