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My GF sucks at making tea/coffee and frying eggs watch


    (Original post by thecatwithnohat)

    allow me :erm:
    why you keep doing :erm:
    • Welcome Squad

    Welcome Squad
    (Original post by rat poison)
    why you keep doing :erm:
    I was correcting myself :erm:

    ok bye now

    (Original post by thecatwithnohat)
    If you don't approach, you will not get a gf. You've got to try eggstra hard to pluck up the courage to approach a girl :kiss:
    I would do that, eggcept the last time I asked a girl to accept my offer the conversation just turned into a stupid egg pun one. Then I went to have a shower, came back and she had fallen for the charms of this gentlemen;

    (Original post by Xotol)
    I want to fertilise your eggs.

    Am I doing it right???

    (Original post by thecatwithnohat)
    You're so romantic :daydreaming: meet me in 10
    And no my heart knows how Humpty Dumpty felt when he fell and broke and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty together again:cry2:

    (Original post by SwedishRedhead)
    At least you have a gf, I’m 22 years old and I’m still a virgin. I’ve never even kissed a girl.

    I’ve been through college for two and a half years, more than that actually, and I’m still a virgin.

    It has been very torturous.

    College is the time when everyone experiences those things such as sex, and fun, and pleasure. But in those years I’ve had to rot in loneliness.

    It’s not fair. You girls have never been attracted to me.

    It’s an injustice, a crime, because I don’t know what you don’t see in me. I’m the perfect guy, and yet you throw yourselves at all these obnoxious men, instead of me, the supreme gentleman.
    Being a virgin is good, even for guys

    Just ignore all the asses chasing skirt left centre and mid they will get STD's.

    Show us a pic of yourself.

    (Original post by Maximus123)
    All i ask for is a cup of tea with 5 sugars after a long days work. However the tea/coffee is always nasty, she either puts too much/less milk or the wrong amount of sugars. In addition to this my breakfast is always ruined by her inabilty to fry an egg, the yolk is always hard. I like it liquidy so i can dip my fingers in it.
    I am loling
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