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Do you despair at the meaninglessness of life? watch

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    I did for a while. It made me think about the question a lot. I think the meaning in life is something that people feel is there, but when you really look, it fizzles away. However, luckily I feel that I found an answer to the question. My answer is: to benefit the lives of those who would exist irrespective of my existence.

    As for the reasons why I arrived at that answer, it's probably better to read an article I wrote about it: http://journalofinterest.com/essays/meaning-of-life/

    (Original post by F.Nietzsche)
    Or does it liberate you?

    Personally, I am liberated by the idea that life is meaningless. It means that I can give life a meaning, my own one that I can change when I please.

    Life is not meaningless.It is simply multimeaningful.

    The purposes are so minute, so varied, they're easy to miss and easy to ignore. Anyone arguing that life has no meaning is missing the point. If it holds no meaning, it could apply to anything I want it to.

    Firstly, it has the obvious meaning of "the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death." So even if you disagree with the idea of infinite meaning, life has at least one meaning.

    And if you say that's not the point, what is? Of course it's the point. Life has a meaning: Not death.

    Secondly, there is the purpose of interconnections: We connect, disconnect, create, destroy, love, hate, et cetera. We use these interactions to define who we are, giving us literal meaning.

    Thirdly, we have the infinite meaning of classification. We know what life is, and we know what death is. Let's experience it and talk about it so people can have something to do while they're not dead.

    Finally, we have the meaning of Philosophy: The reason you are here. If there were no meaning in life, no one would care to discuss it. It would not be something we really cared about. Instead we would care about things with meaning, like crustaceans, or fiduciaries, or kings - ooh, what are those? We flock to what has meaning because it's exiting and fun.

    Life has so much meaning we overlook or forget about; But if you're just too lazy to admit that it has meaning, that's a separate issue altogether.
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