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    Going slightly off thread to talk about my own experiences. Even though I hate bullying, and have indeed been bullied, I do wonder, that in hindsight, at 24, that I may perhaps been been overly sensitive, naive, and even "Sheltered" as a kid/ teen; coming from a fairly strict (but liberal) family of teachers. Much of this "bullying" was in fact quite banterey, others wasn't however. It was mainly sneering comments about my interests, sometimes my appearance (moobs were often a talking point, still struggle with them, despite being an avid cyclist), calling me "posh" and criticising the way I talk, etc.
    It might seem strange to many on here, but I (a guy), was actually bullied quite a bit by girls. Some chavvy type girls, others stuck-up, *****y cliques. Mainly *****y/ catty comments like "You're actually going to die a virgin", "You're so ugly, why would anyone like you", and other things along those lines. Once a couple of girls I was sat next to, started touching my legs in class, making me embarrassed and leave class, and going on to start catty rumours of me "Cumming my pants".

    Aside from a few brawls in Primary school, I don't recall ever being properly physically bullied in school however.

    To answer the question: I think it depends really. Obviously in work/ public situations, I would speak to them; an old bully works at a village pub a few miles away. I went there with a few friends a couple of years ago, and he did ask after me. Can't bring myself to forgive him though. In terms of Facebook, I will accept minor "bullies" in primary school, as I think we all accept Primary school doesn't really define us. With regard to Secondary school, I will accept people who were either "friends of bullies"/ "might've joined in once or twice"/ "simply didn't like much"/ "Found annoying". The 6-7 bullies who were the real instigators/ really seemed to dislike me, I will never accept however. There was a guy who throughout secondary school, who bullied me quite a lot; probably mainly through musical jealously. He's a fairly average to above average Guitarist, and would go on about me, saying: "You play Clarinet, that's a Girl's instrument" and "You play Saxophone, that's an old people's instrument". I'd say back: "You're a Guitarist, there aren't a million of those already!" It went on and off throughout secondary school. However, at college, that all seemed to stop. It seems he finally came round to accept our separate interests and we began to chat fairly often!

    College and Uni were mainly great though; there were a few knobs, but you get them anywhere!

    In summary: I think it's all very much subjective. You have to look into how and why certain people "bullied" you.
    That's so wrong and horrible to say to someone even though I got much worse which was like 3/4 years ago and they still get to me today.

    I know how it feels to not being able to forgive someone. There was this guy that used to give me insults after insults and I just can't get myself to forgive him because It did affect me.

    Nope. I got bullied a lot during high school. I ain't giving them tw*ts a minute of my time ever again.

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