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When was your first kiss? watch


    (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)
    God I swear the connections between my brain and fingers are rotting or something

    I mean is that the ex that is the most recent ex? Or is it another?
    I only have one ex.

    (Original post by ravioliyears)
    Hey, dont say that! Everyone is beautiful in their own way! I'm 16 and I haven't yet lost my kissing virginity.
    made me feel a little bit better i guess.

    Real kiss?

    I was 17, with my boyfriend. Don't care that my friends had kissed somebody else before me, I'm glad it happened the way it did.

    If any kiss then I once staged a marriage when I was in pre school, married some gal called Wendy

    I'd had my first kiss when I was 12, but never counted it because it was barely there, but my first real kiss with a guy was when I was 16 at this party. We'd been going out for around 5/6 months and he was super shy and never tried anything because he said he didn't know how to make a move...So everyone was kissing and having fun at this beach party and I decided that I'd just do it...Leaned over and kissed him and he fainted....fainted dead away -_- woke up a little bit later and was ecstatic because that was his first kiss ever...he kissed me again and it was meh....he was a nice guy but we didn't really match with the fact that he hated my friends and was kind of weird.......oh well
    around 3 months after breaking up I had my first make out with...get this...my ex's worst enemy on NYE because we'd bumped into each other just before midnight....and someone managed to take a photo which ended up on fb for my ex to see.......FUN TIMES HAHAHA
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