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Black racist filmed on bus abusing Muslim Lady watch


    I haven't got time for a detailed response but a few quick points.

    1. You are not exactly substantiating your earlier point that that Christians were not "second class" citizens under the Ottoman Empire in what you yourself write now. But even so, of course, you leave the important stuff out because it destroys your case.

    Why don't you mention the Devirsme system?

    For those on this thread who don't know about this (I am sure you yourself do):

    "A form of forced conversion became institutionalized during the Ottoman Empire in the practice of devşirme, a human levy in which Christian boys were seized and collected from their families (usually in the Balkans), enslaved, converted to Islam, and then trained as elite military unit within the Ottoman army or for high-ranking service to the sultan.[40] From the mid to late 14th, through early 18th centuries, the devşirmejanissary system enslaved an estimated 500,000 to one million non–Muslim adolescent males.[41]

    2. You quote a contemporary source to say approvingly how wonderfully civilised and benificent Mehmed II was on the third day after attacking and conquering Constantinople. You fail to mention what happened on the first two days. Why is that? Could it be because of all the slaughter, enslavement rape and plunder, with the streets literally running with blood. as another eye witness, the Venetian, Nicolo Barbaro wrote?

    "But when the men in these ships saw that the Christians had lost Constantinople,and that the standard of Mahomet Bey the Turk was raised over the principal tower ofthe city, and that the standards of Saint Mark and of the Emperor had been cut down andlowered, then they all disembarked. And at the same time all those in the fleet on theDardanelles side disembarked and left their ships by the shore without anyone in them,because they were all running furiously like dogs into the city to seek out gold, jewelsand other treasure, and to take merchants prisoner. They sought out the monasteries, andall the nuns were led to the fleet and ravished and abused by the Turks, and then sold atauction for slaves throughout Turkey, and all the young women also were ravished andthen sold for whatever they would fetch, although some of them preferred to castthemselves into the wells and drown rather than fall into the hands of the Turks, as did anumber of married women also. The Turks loaded all their ships with prisoners and withan enormous quantity of booty. Their practice was, that when they went into a house, atonce they raised up a flag with their emblem on it, and when other Turks saw this flagflying, they left this house alone, and went in search of another house without a flag,and so they put their flags everywhere, even on the monasteries and churches. As far asI can estimate, there would have been two hundred thousand of these flags flying on thehouses all over Constantinople: some houses had as many as ten, because of theexcitement which the Turks felt at having won such a great victory. For the rest of theday these flags were kept flying on the houses, and all through the day the Turks made agreat slaughter of Christians through the city. The blood flowed in the city likerainwater in the gutters after a sudden storm, and the corpses of Turks and Christianswere thrown into the Dardanelles,"

    Modern estimates argue that around 30,000 Christians (those not massacred) were enslaved and deported. First class treatment indeed!

    3. What on earth makes you say Arians weren't proper Christians? They didn't believe in the Trinity, but then neither does the Unitarian Church and lots of modern Protestant sects. Are they not "proper" Christians either? And who are you to decide?

    (Original post by JezWeCan!)
    Why don't you mention the Devirsme system?
    Or the pact of Umar

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