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Do you plan on getting married? watch


    I don't particularly have strong feelings one way or the other, I see it more of a "I'll do what feels right in the future," thing for me. Marriage certainly isn't important to a relationship to me, I feel that if a partner really wants to be with me they'll be with me regardless of whether or not we're married. Plus if the relationship starts failing it'd make ending that relationship much harder if we're married, which could cause stress not just for us but for others close to us (I'm sure other children of divorced parents can sympathise here). Marriage certainly isn't something I'd completely avoid though, it does provide legal benefits such as making adoption easier. But if I had to guess whether or not I'll end up married in the future? I'd guess that I won't. Marriage could lead to unnecessary complications due to me being polyamorous. I'd feel bad marrying one partner I love but not another to begin with, plus rather than legal benefits there could be serious legal drawbacks. If I decide to have a child in the future I'd like to adopt (since I think all children deserve affectionate carers), and being in an open marriage might make that complicated. What would the status of the partners I'm not married to be, and would it hinder my chances of being able to adopt? Considering I don't particularly see marriage as important there would be no point in causing such hassle. But I would like to keep an open mind to the idea of getting married, since who knows what the future holds.

    Yes I wanna get married but only after 30, to someone the same age or younger than me
    I just like the idea of having a companion

    (Original post by PugDevil)
    I was just curious about what people's opinion was on marriage was. Do you feel like you have to get married? Or do you simply want to get married? What does marriage mean to you?
    I'd want to get married as you get a party with loads of champagne, some flashy cars, a suit and jewellery

    (Original post by marco14196)
    PFFT, marriage. What a sham. It's a total waste of money for one single meaningless day.
    You're talking about a wedding, not a marriage, but they don't have to cost a lot. My wedding cost about £60.
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    Community Assistant
    Would I get married? Yes providing all the criteria were met. Largely based around being with the right person. I don't want to get married for the sake of it. I do want to spend my life with the right person. Marriage of course isn't a necessity though and finding the right person is far more important.

    Yes. I plan on getting married between the ages of 23-29.
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