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    (Original post by uh5rc)

    I have made a throwaway account to ask a couple of questions (Will be making more threads). I feel as if I am losing my faith and am now stepping away from Islam. I know the student room isn't the best place to be looking for advice but it would help to get other opinions from this forum, muslim forums, imams, converting/ reverting muslims and people who have left the religion. If you wish to tag anyone in this thread who could be of help please do.

    I want everyone to be respectful and not troll on this thread. I am looking for help and will be open minded about this.

    I was born into a muslim household which is not overly religious. I would say we are more cultural muslims. At the age of 12 (I am currently 18) I knew nothing about religion. One day in school a group of muslims talked about the Dajjal and I started researching it. I got really scared! I started researching it and the links with christanity and started praying out of the fear of Allah swt / God. A couple of weeks later I stopped because I was no longer frightened. I didn't pray then for 3 years. I fasted (this wasn't forced upon me, but I thought it would look bad if I didn't). Some of my cousins in Pakistan don't fast. I live in England. In the summer when I was 15 I started falling in love with the religion again. I used to watch many talks, pray etc and did for 2 years. Now when I was 17 I started going through hard times. I started questioning everything I knew and lost confidence in myself. I even lost the will to live. After a long period of trying to better myself I now feel like the person I was before. However I now have serious doubts about Islam and might just leave the religion. Like I mentioned above I will not do so lighly. I will see an Imam, talk to my parents , get a range of opinions etc etc.

    Like some of the threads I have read here before I am blessed I have a family who won't kick me out of the house or do anything crazy. It is not like that they pray 5 times. I just don't know if I should leave the religion or not. Here is what I like about the religion and what I dislike.

    Hope in Afterlife, a set code to live by liking giving money to poor (zakhat), praying (provides good mediation and cleaning of the the body), Interesting lessons from the Quran. Now here are some of the bad things. It seems incredibly outdated. Women are not treated equally and are treated like second class citizens. They need a mahram and are not considered as smart. They have less value compared to a man even stated in the Quran. Note I am a male and have not read the Quran but I have read about stuff like Dajjal, the stories of the prophets like how moses pbuh even commited murder and then sorted his ways, the escort who gave milk to a cat who was granted heaven etc. I have not read the Quran as it is in Arabic and even If I read it I won't be able to translate it. Why has Allah swt made it so hard and all religions claim they are the true 'one'. How is it possible for the average being to learn hebrew, sanskrit etc and read the books. Religion just seems so flawed.

    I am not a troll and will look forward to a good discussion. I will try wrap up this thread up as quick as possible. Please do not troll or flame in this thread and be open minded in these discussion. I look forward to see other view points and I will post more as I don't want this to be too long.

    Edit: Thank you for all your contributions I appreciate every single post. Here is another thread made by me this is more to do with studying http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...6#post66542936. If you could give it a look?
    What you have to realize, to understand a religion, you need to go back to your scriptures. For example, Islam is the Quran, Christianity is the Bible and so on. For you to understand the religion properly, you need to read your scriptures yourself. In your case, it would be the Quran.

    Many people get their information from scholars. But how would you know what he (or she) said is 100% correct (I'm not saying what he or she says is wrong). For you know the truth, you need to read it yourself. That way, you'll be 100% convinced.

    I hope this answers your question.

    To be honest OP you go on about the advantages and disadvantages of Islam.But the only question that really matters is It the truth? And keep in my mind that just because you'd like something to be true doesnt mean it is.If you're losing your faith its probably because religion is just certain beliefs without evidence to back them up made into certainties by the passage of time.The idea of an impersonal god is sort of acceptable but the idea of a personal god that demands praise all the time and punishes you for doing such things as not dressing modestly is patently absurd.
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