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Russia could invade Poland 'overnight', report claims watch

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    (Original post by TercioOfParma)
    Yes, Poland has a strong 100k strong regular military with relatively modern weaponry (save some old T72s) and literally millions of reservists and militia. They would absolutely annihilate the Russians there. Belarus is in Russia's pocket, so they would get military access at the very least.
    No i dont dispute Poland would run over wee Kaliningrad I was more aiming at what kind of cost it would incur to the Poles A] Trying to take it and B] what would happen during or after with regards to the Russin response
    As its fairly safe to say you have to bare in mind these couple of things;
    A] Russia would have plenty of warning if Poland tried to do that or at least if it tried to throw itsentire strength at it as you said since mobilizing that many people is no small task
    B] they'd still have to deal with the Russian airforce and Poland doesn't really have anything to stop it.. [relatively few planes plus likely to be shot gun and their AA systems are few with even fewer being high altitude or modern.]

    Mmm too a point although as far as I can make out Belarus only tolerates it because they have no choice and the Russian public view them as an irritating leach :rolleyes:

    (Original post by Supersaps)
    Russia are actively destabilising the Middle East as well as being happy to invade into Europe. If anyone thinks they're a force for good in the world, they must be mental.
    I am no supporter of Putin or Russian aggression, but it's laughable to say they are destabilising the Middle East.

    Let's not forget David Cameron was also more than willing to support fundamentalist islamist groups to oust the Syrian government.

    Good. They should.

    If you're angry about the refugee crisis, why blame Russia and not NATO and it's members who destabilise the Middle East for Greater Israhell?

    (Original post by Bernie Judas)
    If you're angry about the refugee crisis, why blame Russia and not NATO and it's members who destabilise the Middle East for Greater Israhell?
    I favour sealing that part of the world off no migration outside of it and let them fight among themselves without outside influence.

    It costs us lots of money, trouble, hasn't solved anything and no one thanks us for it

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    (Original post by Napp)
    Mmm not as such, if you think a determined Russia couldn't role over europe like a tidal wave you should check some figures [One isn't talking about its ability to hold it persay]
    Russia - Troops 845,000 [reserve 2,485,000], Land systems Tanks[21000]/IFVs[25,000]/APCs[8700]/AIFV[19000]/Artillary[14700]/MLRS[2600]/AA-guns/Missiles[14000], Navy [61 combat subs, 71 combat ships,98 combat aircraft, 84 combat helicopters ], Airforce [490 attack helicopters, Attack Jets 539, Heavy Bombers 125, Fighters 708, Multi-role 38]
    You think the small armies in Europe could do particularly much to stop it? they are all significantly smaller, take far longer to mobilize and as far as being coherrant goes there are multiple armies under different command structures. How do you think that would play out?
    I was reffering primarily to the eastern states, my bad on that one sorry. however I find it more than slightly dubious western Europe would hold out for long.
    Lt-Gen Ben Hodges[spoiler]
    You think Russia is going to be able to ready 800,000 troops on it's western border without NATO knowing? You seriously believe they can blitzkrieg 1,200 miles across Europe overnight? You think they can afford to field that large of an army? Especially once the West ramps up financial sanctions and cuts off all forms of credit to the Russian economy.
    This isn't a video game, and Russia isn't the Soviet Union.
    100% guaranteed, they'd get bogged down in Poland within a few days, which is all it would take before NATO reinforcements arrive. OBUA alone would take weeks if not months, so either Russia is taking it's time or it's stretching it's forces and leaving it's supply chain vulnerable and open.
    You vastly overestimate Russia, and vastly underestimate the major NATO players.
    And what Lt General Hodges said is that NATO is currently not mobilised in a position to be able to protect the Baltic from a concerted, concentrated surprise Russian invasion. There's a huge leap to go from that, to Russia rolling through the Baltic, Poland, Germany and France against the combined efforts of the entire NATO alliance.
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