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    (Original post by GUMI)
    What? You don't have arms or something?
    u dont even need arms

    (Original post by Ladymusiclover)
    Trying to work out if this a troll or not.
    I was on the fence... then once OP started enquiring as to what noises their penis should be making upon orgasm, sort of gave the game away :lol:
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    OP is absolutely terrible at explaining what his actual problem is, but from I gather, he can get aroused/hard, has hands and can masturbate, but can't orgasm from hand stimulation (but has had wet dreams.

    So, I could be wrong, but this suggests there's nothing wrong with your ability to orgasm, you just haven't found the way to do it yet. Try different hand techniques (lube, two hands, different stroke, go to google and have a field day). If this doesn't work, then you're probably one of the many guys out there who can't off by hand-jobs. It's really common. Try ****ing a pillow, I had a friend with this issue and it works for him. Just wash the pillow often... Good luck captain.

    I remember making myself orgasm before I was 10

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    This is so similar to how I used to be (up till I was 16).
    I thought most online porn was a bit over the top (the majority of it sort of repulsed me). I knew for a fact I was attracted to girls but never felt an urge to touch myself down there.
    I guess in my mind, I somehow couldn't see the connection between touching myself down there and feeling attracted to girls.

    All I can say is just try it, even if it seems a bit weird at first. You'll probably come to find you enjoy it (I know I did).
    Try to ignore your friends for a moment. I know what you mean about how some of them were fapping from like 11 years old to a hot school teacher or whatever (lol), but everyone is different.
    It might be worth seeing a doctor if you're that worried about any health issues, though you seem fine considering you're having wet dreams.

    I think you just have to find the thing that arouses you personally. Clearly you must have something since you're able to have wet dreams.
    Also, don't worry so much about it, that might be half the reason you're a little stuck. It's meant to be pleasurable, so you're not doing yourself any favours having this pressure in the back of your mind the whole time.

    Anyways, hope this helps. Best of luck
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